Apple crushes it with new ad for its thinnest ever iPad

Despite its creativity, the film gets a backlash on social media for being ‘destructive’

Apple has produced a new ad, a 68-second video called ‘Crush’, for its iPad Pro.

Apple ads are known for being visually stunning and using music you wouldn’t normally associate with the cutting-edge tech brand.

‘Crush’ is set to All I Ever Need is You by Sonny & Cher, which was recorded in 1971.

The film was created in-house by Apple to showcase the new iPad, which is only 5.1mm thick. It’s the thinnest product the brand has ever made.

As the crushing machine destroys all these objects, they squeeze into the ultra-thin iPad, highlighting all the new gadget’s features.

‘Crush’ will be broadcast on TV and across social, digital and YouTube.

“Just imagine all the things it’ll be used to create,” Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote on X in a post with a video of the commercial.


There’s something deeply satisfying about watching objects like cans of paint, musical instruments, computers, artwork and emoji balls being slowly crushed.

But the ad faced a bit of a backlash on social media, after clocking up millions of views.

Normally praised for its clever marketing, many people on social media criticised the ad, calling it “destructive” and saying it is “crushing symbols of human creativity and cultural achievements to appeal to pro creators.”