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‿ and us works with Lush and Deliveroo to create self-timing soap

Mini bars dissolve in 30 seconds, and will be delivered by Deliveroo

The World Health Organization has stated that washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and could slow the pandemic by up to 24%. As part of their guidelines to effectively combat Coronavirus infections, the World Health Organization recommends that people wash their hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds.


However, research carried out by health authorities has found that people fail to wash their hands effectively 97% of the time – unknowingly leaving them at risk of infection.

LUSH ‿ and us® in collaboration with Deliveroo created a simple solution: ‘30-Second Soap’- a self-timing soap designed to completely dissolve after 30 seconds of vigorous use – precisely how long you need to wash to make your hands clean and safe. A simple to use, one-wash soap that takes the guesswork out of how long you should wash your hands – providing users with a practical, educational demonstration of proper handwashing timings to keep both themselves and others safe.

Working closely with Deliveroo – the food delivery company with the UAE’s largest fleet of delivery drivers – Lush will distribute 30-Second Soap for free across Dubai, while also making it available on their website.

Miche Whitehouse, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager at LUSH, said: “Soap and water can save lives. Every day – by simply washing their hands properly – people can prevent the spread of infections. When ‿ and us® approached us to help them create a soap that only lasts for 30 seconds, we loved the idea but weren’t sure if creating a soap like that was even possible. But after multiple trials with a variety of shapes, sizes and compositions we finally got it just right – a fresh, handmade 30- second soap. And just like all Lush products, 30-Second Soap’s packaging is made of recycled material.”

George Schempers, Head of Marketing at Deliveroo said:”Since the Covid-19 pandemic started we’ve constantly been introducing new ways to keep our staff, partners, and customers protected. We are proud to be able to offer this innovative soap to our customers and help to continue to play a part in keeping the city healthy through this period.”

Fadi Yaish, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of ‿ and us® said, “We’ve all heard how you’re supposed to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds but in practice that’s a lot more difficult to do than it sounds. Most people just assume that means they need to wash their hands for a little longer than usual, but ‘usual’ for most people generally means five seconds or less. With the 30-Second Soap, Lush and Deliveroo give their customers a one-off demonstration of how long 30 seconds actually feels like in practice, hopefully influencing their hand cleansing rituals in the future.”

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‿ and us®


Fadi Yaish – CCO and Founder Mhmoud Jaber — Business Lead Sandy McIntosh – Creative Director

Camila Venegas Gomez – Senior Creative Director
James Elgie – Animation Director

Serena Chemaly – Head of Content Development and Production


Miche Whitehouse – Regional Retail Brand Manager

Sirin AlMasri – Content and Brand Communication Specialist


Anis Harb – General Manager

George Schempers – Head of Marketing Issam AlTermanini – Marketing Manager

Mike Shuster – Editions – Expansion and Partnerships

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