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Amazon Ads: Customer Success Stories

How Amazon Ads is creating tailored solutions for organisations in the Middle East and North Africa

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect to have more autonomy when it comes to engaging with brands. Our audiences want to be able to curate their own brand experiences, choosing when and how they engage with their favorite companies. Recognising this shift, it is essential for businesses to adapt and place a strong emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships with their audiences. Amidst the ever-evolving and fragmented digital advertising landscape, brands must strive to discover innovative solutions that not only engage customers in meaningful ways but also leave a lasting impact.  This is where Amazon Ads comes into play, offering a range of products and information that helps brands connect with the right audiences in the right places, both on and off Amazon.

With online shopping on the rise, retail media has emerged as a critical avenue for companies of all sizes to drive growth (1). It has become an essential component of modern advertising thanks to its foundation of valuable first-party purchase insights, contextually relevant ad experiences, and closed-loop reporting. (2) Whether brands sell their products on Amazon or not, retail media allows them to connect with shoppers across various touchpoints, including search, display, and video. This omnichannel approach to advertising ensures that brands can reach customers at every stage of their shopping journey, from awareness to purchase, and beyond.

By using Amazon Ads, businesses can tap into the vast potential of Amazon’s customer base and its advertising services to reach millions of potential customers and achieve business objectives beyond eCommerce and performance marketing. With a plethora of tools and services including sponsored ads, display ads, custom landing pages, and event sponsorships, Amazon Ads offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience with tailored solutions and achieve business success.

In this article, we take a closer look at the successful collaboration of Amazon Ads with three distinct companies – Unilever, Emirates Islamic Bank and Fine Hygienic Holding. Each of these companies adopted a tailored approach to their campaign, but their overarching goal was the same: harnessing the potential of Amazon Ads to help connect with their desired audience.

Unilever scores big at the World Cup with custom landing pages

The FIFA World Cup 2022 provided a unique advertising opportunity for brands to reach a global audience, with BeIN Sports recording 5.4 billion cumulative views throughout the tournament (3). However, with the World Cup falling during the peak shopping season for the first time, it presented a challenge for brands to deliver results and real value to customers in a competitive advertising landscape. Unilever collaborated with Amazon Ads to create a personalized landing page featuring an innovative “video revealer” function. The video, which played in full-screen mode, immersed visitors into the landing page experience. Furthermore, eleven of their products were characterized as football players with headlines such as “Kick off your grooming game,” “Get your skin in the game,” and “Keep the game clean”. The landing page also featured deals and discounts from Unilever to celebrate the tournament, and dedicated pages were developed for each of the product categories to reach and connect with the most relevant audience groups. The campaign generated over 32 million impressions and over 1.1 million shoppers across the UAE and Saudi Arabia visited the Unilever brand Store during the time the campaign ran.

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Winning in financial services with Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank’s collaboration with Amazon Ads highlighted the growing importance of e-commerce sales and digital advertising in the financial services industry. As the banking industry evolves, customers are expecting more from their banks, and financial services advertisers need to adapt and find ways to put their customers’ needs at the heart of their campaigns. Utilising data-driven insights, Amazon Ads recommended connecting with customers during the busy Q4 season and creating a landing page on Amazon.ae. Emirates Islamic leveraged Amazon DSP to reach relevant audiences and continually optimised the campaign, resulting in an 80% drop in cost per lead and a further 53% month-on-month drop in CPL. The campaign generated a higher click-through rate and a higher number of delivered impressions than the industry benchmarks.

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Boosting brand awareness and sales with Fine Hygienic Holding

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), a company offering hygiene-focused products and based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), collaborated with Amazon Ads to increase its brand awareness and market share in the region. FHH deployed a three-part strategy to help consumers discover how FHH could meet their needs, which included prioritising brand presence by positioning FHH products strategically on event pages, prioritising value-led messaging for browsing shoppers, and featuring offers for ready-to-buy customers. The strategy helped shoppers who were on Amazon.ae during White Friday and 11/11 discover FHH’s limited-time offers. The campaign helped increase FHH’s ad placements across Amazon.ae pages, was optimised for FHH’s return on ad spend (ROAS) goals, and contributed to a 70% increase in branded keyword queries on the Amazon.ae store and a 67% increase in detail page views when compared to FHH’s 2021 campaigns.

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