Adverty partners with Yazle in the MENA region

Adverty and Yazle announce exclusive in-game ad partnership in the MENA region

Adverty AB has announced an exclusive partnership with Yazle having signed an agreement that allows the digital agency to represent and sell Adverty’s full in-game inventory in MENA exclusively. This will be on a managed service basis; thereby enabling advertisers in the region to grasp seamless and immersive, in-game advertising opportunities.

Adverty’s VP partner sales, Alex Ginn said, “We’re delighted to be able to offer our ground-breaking formats in the region, with such a credible partner with such strong knowledge of gaming at our side. This will be a huge asset to agencies and brands in these countries – opening up entirely new possibilities for engagement with audiences,” he adds. “What’s more, this timely partnership reflects huge investment in gaming in the region.”

Jamie Atherton, Yazle’s managing director, says: “We are delighted to partner with Adverty and take its world-leading, immersive in-game formats to brands and clients in the region. With such a strong partner with ground-breaking technologies, at our side, we’re thrilled to be able to introduce formats such as in-game video advertising. There is so much coming up and we’re truly excited about the future.”

Established in 2013, Yazle has grown into over 11 markets covering the majority of the GCC and APAC regions. The company has extended its growth in multiple markets in the last 5 years with active offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, and Turkey. In addition, Yazle partners with Activision/Blizzard King media, which owns games such as Candy Crush, within the region.

In recent months, Adverty has launched industry-first streaming video technology for In-Play ads – bringing innovative programmatic video ad formats to the gaming world for the first time.