Advertising Business Group (ABG) appoints Ipsos as partner for UAE cross media measurement

ABG appoints Ipsos as partner for UAE cross media measurement project.

The Advertising Business Group appointed Ipsos, the number one research firm in MENA and third worldwide to spearhead the UAE cross-media measurement project, as of June 5, 2022. The media audience measurement project provides holistic and transparent advertising and content performance measurement in the advertising and media industry in the UAE.

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Rooted in the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) blueprint and guidelines on building the next generation of the cross-platform measurement system, United Arab Emirates is one of the first countries in the world to embrace this next generation of audience measurement standards. Ipsos’ winning proposal promises to be one of the most cutting-edge systems using their personal meter, MediaCell, to measure linear and digital TV and Aqilliz’s Blockchain technology and Federated Data Processing to ensure privacy-compliant measurement.

UAE population is unique in the world. Its media landscape is equally so. It is demographically fragmented (Over 100 nationalities) and ranks high in terms of its maturity in digital advancement.

Cross-cultural TV content, high penetration of digital platforms, and high penetration of SVOD and OTT are all factors that add complexity to the job and require robust mechanisms of measurement to be in place.

“This is extremely important for the UAE, the industry and Ipsos, as it is one of the biggest media projects in MENA. This project saw life because the advertisers, publishers and media agencies sat together under the umbrella of the ABG, to work on a project that follows the WFA guidelines, and that will put the UAE among the first pioneering countries to launch such a futuristic project. Choosing Ipsos means that the investment done by Ipsos on MediaCell, the personal meters technology, to measure TV, OTT and Digital, paid off in our region, and will open the door to other countries to follow, and also means that the open-minded and collaborative position of Ipsos to work and collaborate with technology companies like Aquiliz to present the best solution to the market was the right thing to be done,” commented Elie Aoun, Ipsos Media CEO in MENA.

“Aqilliz is extremely delighted and proud to be partnering with Ipsos in this path-breaking initiative that sets the standard for a truly neutral cross-media measurement solution,” added Gowthaman Ragothaman, Founding CEO of Aqilliz.