ADS to stream Pro League in English

ADNOC Pro League Abu Dhabi Sports Channels,

Abu Dhabi Sports channels and AD Sports app has announced that it will provide football fans with the opportunity to watch the live coverage for the UAE’s ‘ADNOC Pro League’ in English for the first time.

ADNOC Pro League will be live streamed on Abu Dhabi Sports 2 channel and AD Sports app was due to start September15.

The live coverage will also include commentary by host of famous sport analysts in the region, studios, and reporters in the field, to provide the audience with the details of every action that is taking place in the football field.

ADSport app is available on mobile phones and tablets via the Apple App Store, Google Play, and on smart TVs that use Android TV, Apple TV, LG, Samsung TV. The live coverage will also be available on Abu Dhabi sports official website.