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Adidas looks to inspire with ‘Take it’ message

Watch the campaign conceptualised by 180 LA here.

Adidas’ new global campaign includes the footballers Gareth Bale and Lionel Messi, and the basketball players Derrick Rose and John Wall. 180LA created the spot, in which the athletes are shown excelling at their sports as a voiceover talks about proving yourself every time you play. The video was uploaded on 13 February and clocked over 15 million views on the brand’s YouTube channel in four days.


Client: adidas

VP, brand communications: Ryan Morlan

Senior producers: Kristin Mellqvist, Penny Pijnenburg

Senior directors, brand communications: Lorrin Pascoe, Lia Vakoutis

Agency: 180LA

Chief creative officer: William Gelner

Creative directors: Pierre Janneau, Josh DiMarcantonio

Copywriter: Ben Bliss

Art director: Marcus Brown

Head of production: Natasha Wellesley

Executive producer: Erin Goodsell

Senior producer: Dave Stephenson

Head of account management: Chad Bettor

Account director: Whit Cavanah

Account manager: Danielle Tisser

Business affairs manager: Angel Cielo

Production company: Imperial Woodpecker

Director: Stacy Wall / Mark Zibert

DOP: Chris Blauvelt / Chris Mably

EP: Doug Halbert

Music: Soundtree Music/Fourteenth Music

Composer: Peter Raeburn

Executive producer: Charlie Cocuzza

Producers: Terri Shafirov, Jeff Shupe

Production service company: Twentyfour Seven

Producer: Zico Judge

Shoot locations: Barcelona, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Washington DC

(With inputs from Campaign UK.)


  • Adidas is the only real competitor to nike. Very meaningful ad which has many favourable players to all sports fans. They have good quality sports products and are already sponsoring strong teams in basketball, soccer, and american football teams. I personally prefer using adidas products rather than nike. But, i believe nike is more popular to people, especially in america, than adidas. One advantage that adidas has over nike is that from what i saw is that they have more retail stores in the middle east than nike. I believe this is because they concentrate more on soccer players rather than basketball or american football athletes, and soccer is very popular in the middle east not so much in America. However, i believe that they not only need advertising in the United States, but more retail stores around the states. They could also expand to hockey, baseball, or golf just like nike.

  • This commercial is evidence that Adidas is creeping right up next to Nike on caliber of sponsored athlete endorsing the brand. Garreth Bale, Lionel Messi, Derrick Rose, Demarco Murray, and Luis Suarez are all apart of team Adidas, in addition to countless other big name athletes. The slogan “Take It’’ is also eerily similar to that of the rival, “Just Do It’’, the catch phrase coined by Nike years ago. The brand itself is branching out into different sports as being a dominant athletic equipment provider; soccer was Adidas primary sport of expansion and continuous use, but now they are starting to make incredibly durable basketball shoes, baseball equipment that is being used by elite MLB players, and even gear that is designed for performance and protection within extreme sports. The message within the advertisement is also one that will resonate with athletes, stating that any prior accomplishment or victory is a figment of the past and must be enjoyed and then put into the back of one’s mind as they begin to attack another challenge or goal.

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