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Adidas connects fans with footballers on Twitter

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Karim Benzema sends fans private group DMs on Twitter, as brand becomes first to use feature for marketing.

Adidas is the first brand to tap Twitter’s private group chat feature by connecting supporters of the brands #ThereWillBeHaters with Real Madrid’s soccer legend Karim Benzema.

The new feature, which Twitter released on 27 January, allows users to initiate a private online conversation with up to 20 people.

Several ecstatic fans had a 30-minute private conversation on the social network with Benzema.

Adidas Benzema Twiter DM 1

The  campaign comes just after Twitter reported that its ad revenue rose 97 per cent.

(Text: Adam Olson. This article first appeared on Campaign US.)

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  • This is new feature is really good and has very good potential for customers to communicate even more with superstars and their favourite companies. I often use twitter and i think it has better potential than instagram and facebook. The only thing that faces twitter is the mass of information you can and can’t get. For myself if i miss a day without checking tweets i have literally hundreds and thousands of tweets to read. Thats why for people who miss days and weeks have a bulk of information they need to catch. Instagram is only photos almost just like facebook. Twitter uses word and typing, so people tend to tweet more often than posting photos. I think most people use twitter because they could communicate with their favourite superstars and actors. And recently people started to stop using twitter because of it having so much information to read. Thus, this new feature would attract those people who liked to talk to the people that interest them the most.

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