“Yo, it’s Alfred” returns to UAE’s radio waves with new jingle

Without giving too much away, we can confirm that the latest iteration will have the brand's mascot Alfred return as a rapper.


Yes, you read that right. InsuranceMarket.ae is preparing to unveil it’s latest iteration of the now-iconic jingle, but there’s a twist: It’s not starting with, “Hello, I’m Alfred.”

Created by the “Voice of Dubai,” Ahmad Haffar,  the company’s jingle has become an instantly recognisable tune throughout the UAE, playing on radio stations and digital platforms over the past three years. Now, Ahmad Haffar has updated this familiar jingle, introducing a brand new version.

Without giving too much away, Campaign Middle East – which has heard the tune – can confirm that the latest iteration brings the brand’s mascot Alfred back into the spotlight as a rapper for the first time, marking an interest pivot in the company’s marketing efforts.

The new jingle is intended to enhance the brand’s presence in the region with its freestyle feel and beats designed to “spark curiosity and capture attention”, according to a company statement.

Through the radio and digital ad, InsuranceMarket.ae continues to offer a range of insurance solutions, including car, health, home, life, travel, and business insurance.

The brand shared that it remains committed to claims management, ensuring customers receive personal assistance with any claims-related issues. The insurance platform aims to provide options to meet diverse insurance needs, ensuring peace of mind and reliable service.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re likely to do so very soon, as InsuranceMarket.ae prepares to release this new track.