Winners‘ Circle: Create Group on winning Independent Agency of the Year

The Create Group
Tom Otton, CEO, The Create Group

Tell us why you think you won the award?

Because of our people, and everything they have put into building relationships and delivering great work over the past 12 months. We’ve all heard that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and that’s what has been the driving force this year.

When people take ownership of what’s around them, momentum is created, and whilst growth is often not easy and can be unpredictable, if the teams are empowered to figure out the challenges in front of them then the community will build the business.

Of course, we have faced challenges as every growing business does, but we have built a stronger agency because of them. 

From a client standpoint, we are fortunate to work with brave clients that demand excellence and push us to continually evolve, this has accelerated our growth over the past few years as we have found market fit by listening closely to changing client needs. 

Every agency ultimately chooses who they work with and the type of clients they go after; we choose the nation builders and the region’s most impactful players because the challenge of delivering at that level consistently has demanded that we constantly improve. 

How will the award help you/your agency?

Whilst we will stay focused on doing what we do, this is undoubtedly a boost for our team. It’s something to be proud of, and when I see it put a smile on everyone’s face, that really does mean something.

All agencies work hard and we’re all competitive so celebrating the wins along the way is an important part of the journey. 

From a business standpoint, winning the award last year gave a reference point to potential clients and it certainly helped with attracting top regional and international talent to the agency which has helped drive our growth this year.

What’s next for Create, where do you go from here?

The tech changes by the week, the market is the fastest growing in the world, and our clients always demand more; so as an entrepreneurial company that is built to be nimble, we will double down on adapting quickly and investing in the right places. 

For us, this means data and technology, world-class creativity, and continuing to scale our production capabilities. We have recently onboarded five new senior industry leaders who will help drive these areas of the business in 2024.

In summary, we see this past year as a bedrock for what we plan to build over the next 24 months, we believe that by investing significantly in the team combined with the client demands that we have, we will
be able to create something together that can impact the region and make a mark globally.