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Win a life, by Channel 4 Radio Network’s Mohammad Jundi

Partner content: The biggest prize giveaway of 2020 offers Channel 4 listeners the chance to live free for a year.

By Mohammad Jundi, network sales director, Channel 4 Radio Network

We at Channel 4 Radio Network are known for our unique promotion initiatives that engage and excite audiences. With the support of our partners and clients, we have been super-serving audiences in the UAE with the biggest winning moments for the past two decades.

Although the year 2020 did not turn out the way everyone expected it to, we are making sure that it ends on a high note for our audiences. After promoting and officially sponsoring the biggest gaming moment in the UAE – Dream 11 IPL 2020 – we bring to you a life-changing game play that will have one of the biggest giveaways on the radio. We present to you Channel 4 Radio Network’s Win a Life.

Win a Life is a network-wide radio promotion that will give one person a chance to win a life for an entire year. The prize-winning, which will be hugely popular and massive, will cover all aspects of living in the UAE – from a rent-free high-end apartment for a family to home furnishings, kitchen appliances, car rental, utility bills, fuel, groceries, outings, restaurant bills, shopping, staycations, vacations, airline return tickets, gym and much more – for an entire year. Starting on November 15, 2020, the game is to win everything from A to Z of living life in the UAE.

With a grand finale network winner declared on Christmas Eve, we aim to extend the Win a Life winnings to three runners-up and weekly winners, who will get their share of a pool of lifestyle prizes across our stations, 104.8 Channel 4 FM, 89.1 Radio 4 FM, 107.8 Al Raba FM and 101.3 Gold FM.

This promotion is our combined network attempt with our partners and clients to give back to listeners in the UAE who have endured a challenging year. By way of this network radio campaign, we are also giving back positivity to our listeners who have endorsed our stations, our presenters and our social media influencers with all their support.

Our campaign execution runs across multiple platforms with various touchpoints for entry into the game play, reaching out to an audience that is always connected and online.

Channel 4’s chairman, Abudulla Mohammed Al Murad, says: “At Channel 4 we have been known for going against the tide. From a typical business point of view this is not the year to invest in such a huge campaign, but my thinking is different. In my opinion, this is the perfect time when we should create something that can touch the lives of the people, something that can have an impact on their lives, something that can bring little bit of happiness and joy to their life in these difficult times. The year did not start on a bitter note, and we should try to ensure it doesn’t end up on a bitter note.”

Our inspiration for Win a Life is the support we have had from our partners, clients and, most importantly, our listeners and our social media followers. Win a Life is our way of expressing gratitude for their loyalty to us.

As we look forward to an optimistic 2021, we are future-focused on audio innovations with the help of our talent and more engagement opportunities.

We are investing in developing podcasts, which is the future of audio entertainment. We have produced a wide variety of podcast content in English, Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam. In the last few months, this content has garnered us a high volume of streams and downloads; the numbers are increasing every single day.

Our presenters are already social media influencers amongst their target audience, with thousands of followers on key social media platforms. We will continue to keep our activations and interactions in a hybrid model, both on-air and on social media. This will not only help clients amplify their campaigns with us, but also facilitate tracking of the reach and engagement indexes.

The live events market has suffered the most in the last few months. We are offering our continuous support to this industry. Even in a year like this, we have actively promoted some of the events that took place, including the Tomorrowland virtual concert, DXB Break Out, Arabic concerts and various corporate social responsibility initiatives for Beirut.

We will also be the partners for the biggest Arabic concert taking place on New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

All in all, it’s going to be an onwards-and-upwards kind of story for Channel 4 Radio Network, our listeners, clients and partners.