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Weyyak Worldwide presents its Ramadan series

Entertain yourself with the latest in Ramadan series available on Weyyak Worldwide this Ramadan.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is finally here. While it is above all a month of reflection and prayer, it is also quality time spent with family and friends. With the multiplying streaming platforms offering a wide array of shows during Ramadan, it is easy to get lost. To avoid spending your time zapping, Weyyak has gathered the hottest shows that await you during this month.

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With Weyyak you do not need to miss on any episode or even wait for re-runs. Weyyak has prepared a multitude of premium content in high quality just for your liking. The long nights of Ramadan will go by as you stream and think no more, Weyyak got you covered from Classics to new additions.

This year, Weyyak has added several new exclusive original production series for users to enjoy during Ramadan. Starting off with an exclusive: Chef Layla Andi Beil Beit, A Culinary show showcasing different flavours of the Arab region featuring celebrities and local people who bring various Arabic cuisines to UAE for the whole month of Ramadan. Our production is not only educational but entertaining and mind-blowing just for you.

Another exclusive is Safi Albak, is a talk show hosted by the famous Safaa Sultan where she will have an honest heart to heart discussion with two guests and potentially express her beautiful voice with a live band.

Another exclusive is Al Damma, a famous host Majed Ajlany will be visiting an orphanage from where he will take 1 child to spend an entire day with a well-known celebrity and experience their lifestyle. At the end of the day, the celebrity will give the child a very significant precious gift as a memory that can stay with them forever. Each episode will feature a different child and a different celebrity.”

Additionally, Weyyak also has a variety of entertaining exclusive Arab and Indian content shows such as Al Kandoush, the continuation of Oheboka W Aktar season 2, Noqta Al Sater season 3, Begusarai season 3, a new season Bebaakee and a remake of Quboul 2.0.

This is all on top of the thousands of hours of pre-existing content, including our New Originals and exclusive Arabic and Indian series that are only available on Weyyak. The application is available worldwide and can be downloaded on mobile phones and smart TVs. Weyyak wishes you a blessed Ramadan, stay safe.