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Volkswagen unveils the Teramont LEGO build at Al Nabooda Automobiles

Built over 111 hours, the 1:2 model comprises over 155,000 LEGO components and weighs 580kgs.

To mark the three years of the Teramont, Volkswagen’s largest and best selling SUV in the region, Volkswagen launched a half size LEGO Teramont created meticulously over 111 hours. Made up of over 155,000 LEGO bricks and weighing in at 580kg, the Teramont LEGO model was commissioned by Volkswagen as part of its collaboration with LEGO Middle East.

The partnership between two beloved family brands began earlier this year to create unique aftersales content that transforms the topic into a fun experience for the Volkswagen customer.

The LEGO Teramont model will be on display from 20 October to 3 November at the Al Nabooda Automobiles showroom, channelling the essence of the family-loved SUV. At more than 256cm long, 122 wide, and 92 high, the 1:2 replica is expected to bring a uniquely immersive and fun experience for Volkswagen customers.

The model was unveiled by Volkswagen Middle East’s managing director Victor Dalmau and Urszula Bieganska, head of marketing at LEGO Middle East and Africa, in Dubai. The project was handled by master Lego modeller Luke Reveruzzi.

“Being our best seller, we wanted to pay tribute to our Teramont and thought that a 1:2 LEGO replica would be a unique and nice way to do it, which enhance our partnership with LEGO Middle East. This incarnation of our most loved family car accurately captures the unmistakable design of the Teramont” said Victor Dalmau.

“Volkswagen and LEGO are brands that are both renowned and loved by families in the region. Many of our customers can trace their automotive passion back to when they built LEGO cars as children. The model accurately replicates all the car’s angles and lines and without a doubt, fans of the Teramont will love the opportunity to come and view this version,” said Anja Petrovski, marketing director at Volkswagen Middle East.

“Championing innovation and creativity is something that both LEGO and Volkswagen are passionate about. It’s no surprise, then, that our partnership is helping create a unique experience for Volkswagen customers to engage with the Teramont in a completely new way,” added Urszula Bieganska.


Agencies: Create Media Group and Cheil

Fun facts:                             Volkswagen Teramont      vs.    LEGO® Volkswagen Teramont
Weight                                   2100 kg                                                    580kg
Fuel                                          Premium gasoline                             Creativity
Age                                          18+                                                              Suitable for all age