Volkswagen Middle East’s Ramadan campaign sets bar high

The series of twelve 50-second episodes invited viewers on a contemplative journey of self-discovery

Volkswagen Middle East’s Ramadan campaign, “Reflections Enroute” has recorded impressive results.

The campaign, which has just ended, was aimed at promoting introspection and mindfulness.

The series of twelve 50-second episodes invited viewers on a contemplative journey of self-discovery focusing on humanity, authenticity and overcoming challenges.

The episodes displayed Volkswagen’s values of Humanity, Authenticity, Emotion, and Accessibility to the forefront, and achieved a phenomenal 64 per cent view rate on YouTube by March end,  exceeding the industry benchmark by an impressive 84 per cent.

Instagram view rates reached 22 per cent, surpassing the benchmark by 60 per cent, highlighting the transformative impact of content that strikes a chord with viewers and tackles themes relevant to their values.

Scripted by renowned life coach Shazia Hussain, the videos featured familiar voices in the region, including para-athlete, content creator, and Volkswagen brand ambassador Zainab Al-Eqabi.

These videos prompt viewers to reflect on their values and life aspirations.

Anja Petrovski, Marketing and PR Director,  Volkswagen Middle East, said, “At Volkswagen, we’ve always believed in the power of the journey. The quiet moments behind the wheel can be incredibly introspective.

“During Ramadan, these introspective drives can become a unique space for reflection and personal growth. With the ‘Reflections Enroute’ campaign, we hope to accompany our community on this spiritual journey, fostering conversations about the values that define us and that guide Volkswagen daily.

“It’s these very experiences, both literal and metaphorical journeys, that connect us to ourselves and inspire us to grow.”

The campaign garnered substantial engagement from the audience, with comments praising its inspirational content and its ability to convey valuable life lessons, highlighting its impact during the sacred month of Ramadan.