Vimeo picks Etisalat UAE film by Impact BBDO as one of Year’s Best

“Moonwalk” – a film for Etisalat UAE, written by IMPACT BBDO and directed by Nalle Sjobald, was picked as one of the ‘Best Of The Year’ in Vimeo Staff Picks.

Vimeo Staff Picks is a staple in the film & cinema community as the go-to reference for what’s new in film art, and this year the Etisalat campaign was one of only ten Best Branded videos picked by Vimeo out of the millions of videos that are uploaded every year.

The campaign was launched as part of a reward scheme for prepaid lines – Wasel Gifts – a program where with every recharge, you win. The film showcases a hilarious collection of the unluckiest of human situations that most people would relate to (sitting on your glasses, anyone?), and finishes with the simple offering that it doesn’t matter if you’re lucky or not — with Wasel Gifts, everybody wins.

The film paid off well and was part of a highly effective campaign: getting 43% in recognition, 11% higher than the UAE Norm. And the key message association – a metric that highlights comprehension –  received 47%, a whopping 29% higher than the UAE Norm.

The campaign led to doubling the engaged base every month, a 51% increase in recharge for the engaged base, and generated over 15+ million recharges from 4+ million users.

Mahmoud Farwiz, Brand & Consumer Campaign Management Director for Etisalat UAE, said, “What we loved about this idea from the beginning was its simplicity. In a diverse market like the UAE, it’s usually very difficult to find something so universal, and that’s why we think it resonated with our customers but also with anyone who saw it around the world. Congratulations to the team.”

The film was produced by Dejavu Films, Dubai.

You can view all the Vimeo staff picks here: https://vimeo.com/bestoftheyear/