View from Cannes: SRMG’s Fadi Mroue

‘‘Technology alone cannot push the boundaries of innovation

Fadi Mroue
Chief Creative Officer of SRMG and Managing Director of SRMG Labs

With much of the talk at Cannes Lions focused on the rise of AI, it would have been easy to overlook how the power of impactful creative content remains an important factor behind brands connecting with their audiences.

The rise of generative AI will continue to change how companies ideate, operate and create.

But it will be the companies that stop looking at these tools as good or bad, and start exploring the different ways to enhance their creativity that will continue to lead innovation and drive new trends.

Technology alone cannot push the boundaries.

It will also require creatives who understand their communities to deliver relatable, thought-provoking content and unique experiences.

That’s what Cannes Lions is all about. It brings together the most creative minds and innovative thinkers to exchange ideas and examine how we can navigate a rapidly evolving industry.

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