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Vantage Communications: Egypt’s PR Partner of Choice for Global Heavyweights

In the dynamic world of public relations, few local agencies have earned the designation as the go-to choice for global leaders as definitively as Vantage Communications. Led by the powerhouse trio of Nazly Shamel, Yasmine Hamdy, and May Badrawy, Vantage has evolved from a start-up into a trusted partner for global giants like Meta, Shell, and Novartis and other global heavyweights in Egypt.

Their recipe for success? A potent blend of local agility, deep industry knowledge, and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

Campaign Middle East sat down with Shamel, Hamdy, and Badrawy to delve into Vantage’s journey and their vision for the future.

What’s the secret behind your success and how does local expertise help you serve global clients?

Vantage: It’s truly about uncompromising quality, underpinned by a deep understanding of each and every client. We strive to identify the best ways to help them achieve their goals with precision and focus.

At Vantage, every member of our team is empowered to showcase their individual strengths, allowing us to deliver world-class PR with a local edge.

Can you share some impactful campaigns?

Vantage: Absolutely. From ‘Waraha Kessa,’ a social media campaign supporting women living with breast cancer, to Meta’s ‘Love Local’ initiative championing small local businesses, and ADIB-Egypt’s groundbreaking campaign on Islamic banking, challenging perceptions and fostering inclusivity, we’ve leveraged the power of social media to craft compelling narratives that drive engagement and inspire action.

What motivates you to go beyond traditional PR?

Vantage: We believe in driving meaningful change by highlighting the significant value that each client brings to consumers, the economy, and the community at large.

These events not only enhance brand visibility but also encourage dialogue and progress within crucial sectors such as energy and education.

What can we expect from Vantage Communications in the future?

Vantage: Definitely incorporating more social elements into traditional PR. Additionally, our focus is on leveraging the value we have built to assist more clients in complex industries where we now have a natural advantage, such as digital, healthcare, energy, and finance.