UTURN signs exclusive content partnership with Facebook starting Ramadan 2021

UTURN, part of Webedia Arabia and Facebook will collaborate and study user behaviour closely to deliver more tailored content to their users throughout the year.

UTURN, part of Webedia Arabia Group, a digital media company that helps businesses connect with Arab consumers through strategic, insight-driven, culturally-led creative solutions has joined forces with Facebook, a prominent online social networking service to unveil a series of entertaining video content throughout the year. Launching during Ramadan 2021, exclusive content will be shared across the Facebook pages of the group’s popular publications 3a2ilati.com, Yasmina.com, AtyabTabkha.com, SaudiGamer.com and UTURN.

The partnership with Facebook will present exclusive content with topics ranging from beauty, food, parenting, pop culture and gaming. The campaign will kick off with the launch of 89 long-form videos (3+ minutes each) that will roll out during Ramadan. Audiences will have access to three entertaining and informative videos daily and more than 270 minutes of content during the holy month. More content will be produced and showcased throughout the year as part of the partnership agreement.

“UTURN, part of Webedia Arabia Group’s key strengths in data, reach and ability to localize content for audiences across the Middle East and North Africa, in combination with the unique support services pioneered by Facebook, can lead the market and make a real impact on our regional audiences. The entertainment value generated is unmatched and the insights and tools garnered from Facebook, generates more opportunities for us to create interest and interaction on our platforms by both audiences and clients. That helps us develop better, more relevant and engaging creative content to maintain our leadership in the market,” said Bilal Hallab, regional general manager of UTURN.

Renowned for being a digital-first storyteller across all social media platforms offering localized content in the GCC and Pan Arab markets, Webedia Arabia Group attracts viewership and engagement of 44 million people through its five main publications. With an emphasis on celebrating cultural nuances, the group is especially focusing on developing exciting content for its growing number of Generation Z and Millennial usership segments.

Moon Baz, strategic partner manager, Facebook MENA said: “In today’s digital age, watching video content is no longer a passive experience, but a social one. We have seen on Facebook how video content activates a community of people – a fanbase, a social circle, a demographic, or an affinity group. This has become even more important in times of COVID and now, as we step into yet another socially distanced Ramadan. Through our partnership with UTURN, part of Webedia Arabia Group, we are excited to unveil Ramadan-themed content that can encourage viewers to engage in conversations, and become active participants in these stories, that can ultimately drive some social good.”

Overview of content that UTURN’s audiences can expect to see on Facebook includes:

  • 3a2ilati will share the diaries of a mother and daughter as well storytelling formats covering parenting, moms and educational content for kids during Ramadan.
  • Yasmina will focus on beauty topics aligning with the most sought out beauty discussions during the fasting season.
  • Atyab Tabkha will star with recipe oriented and food entertainment content including outdoor cooking.
  • Saudi Gamer will connect with the gamers beyond the game scene with a series of storytelling content revolving around news and happenings in the gaming scene in Saudi Arabia.
  • UTURN will embrace the Ramadan togetherness values and broadcast a game focused lineup with Saudi Arabian pop culture at the heart of the content.

“The demand for outstanding content across demographics has become the new norm in Saudi Arabia and the region. With the leaders of the kingdom accepting nothing but the absolute best in all forms of entertainment for the society, each and every company has the obligation to cater to the high standards set for the Saudi Vision 2030.

A momentous partnership between UTURN, part of Webedia Arabia Group, and Facebook is a superb example of how two leading entities can lead the way in offering a high calibre of content to the discerning youth and audiences in the region. One such way that we as a company achieved this earlier in the year was through the acquisition of SaudiGamer.com where we are now offering premium gaming content to fans across the region,” commented Kaswara Al Khatib, Chairman of Webedia Arabia Group and Founder of UTURN.

UTURN, part of Webedia Arabia Group, and Facebook plan to continue catering to the entertainment demands of Saudi Arabian, GCC, and Pan Arab audiences throughout the year with a rich content calendar that will be activated post-Ramadan. Bringing a breadth of video content and other engaging activities covering popular social interests, the two entities promise to continue entertaining the region for the years to come.