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Zee Alwan unveils its star-studded line-up for Ramadan 2021

Zee Alwan is set to showcase content featuring some of the most renowned stars in the region for this Ramadan.

With seven (7) original hours of content, Zee Alwan is set to showcase a unique bouquet of handpicked content featuring some of the most renowned stars in the region to colour the Ramadan of its viewers.

The programming of Ramadan will include a variety of content from an exclusive cookery show to comedy, light drama, social drama series and more, originating from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and of course an integral part of the channel’s programming origin, India.

Must-watch shows scheduled to be aired on Zee Alwan are:

Egyptian drama ‘Bint Al Sultan’, starring the eminent Rogena, who had made a mark in Ramadan 2020 with her outstanding performance in “Al Prince” with Mohammed Ramadan and known for her phrase “Ya Omri”. The series will be around “Azza” who gets herself into a roller-coaster of complicated events while hoping for a better life.

Exclusive Pan Arab Comedy Series ‘Zawj Taht Al Iqama Al Jabreya starring the famous singer Ziad Borji, Nadine Al Rasi, Hiba Nour, Hesham Haddad, Mohammed Kheir Al Jarrah and more popular stars. The series revolves around the story of a womanizer who wants to marry for the third time during the times of Covid lockdown.

Syrian Social Drama “Khareef Al Ushaq”, featuring the no other Ayman Zaidan, the brothers Ahmed and Mohammed Al Ahmed, Safaa Sultan and more; It addresses a series of complex social and political issues that were dominant in Syria back in the 70s and were never addressed in any drama series before. It reflects the challenges that three male officers face on personal and career levels, because of their marriage choices.

Egyptian Light Drama “Kollo Bil Hob”, starring the beautiful Zeina, Sabrine, Ahmed Al Saadani and Syrian Actor Samer Al Masry, about disputes that arise between a manipulative married couple who discover each other’s deceit and in turn affect the lives of everyone around them.

Egyptian Drama “W Kol Ma Neftere’” featuring a group of top Stars, Riham Haggag, Ayten Amer, Amr Abdul Gelil, Ahmed Fahmi, Rania Yousef, Tarek Abdelaziz and many more in a set of events that take place in a dramatic context mixed with suspense and capturing two twin sisters, one who weighs things with wisdom and reason, whereas the other is completely impulsive and tends to rebel, both face many paradoxes that affect their lives, drastically.

Exclusive Arabic Dubbed Indian Drama “Qoloub Ananeya” will continue with its season finale in Ramadan, as the excitement of viewers is at its peak with latest the events of the show rolling out.

Last but not least, Ramadan programming can only be complete with the exclusive cookery Program “Baytak w Matbakhak” hosted by the Lebanese celebrity (Actress and TV Presenter) Noor Saab and Syrian Chef Maaroof, the expert in oriental and international cuisines, bringing you 90 recipes throughout the month ranging from Appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

Adding colour to viewers in Ramadan only with Zee Alwan!

Zee Alwan New Frequency:

  • Sattelite: Eutelsat
  • Degree: 7 West A Sattelite
  • TPC 04
  • Frequency: 11277 MHz
  • Polarity: Vertical
  • Symbol Rate 27500 Mbaud
  • FEC 5/6
  • Modulation: DVB S