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Two innovative Amazon Ads campaign strategies bring success to Finish and HP in the UAE

In the crowded marketplace of eCommerce, everyone seems to be yelling, “Look at me!”. But what really helps to set a brand apart is its ability to engage and create meaningful connections with its customers.

Two renowned brands, Finish and HP, faced their own distinct challenges in the UAE and aimed to set themselves apart with their innovative campaign execution.

Finish, aimed to increase adoption of dishwasher related products and leverage the fact that adoption relies on consumers purchasing dishwasher appliance, a product that Finish does not sell.

Meanwhile, HP, celebrated for its innovative laptops and printers, wanted to embrace a fresh perspective with their marketing strategy, pivoting their focus even more towards the customer’s experience.

Their partnerships with Amazon Ads wasn’t just about selling products, but a strategic move to deeply connect with customers and offering solutions that resonate with their customers daily lives and preferences.

Finish leverages a unique sampling method

How can a brand that offers products for dishwashers, but not the appliance itself, grow when their success relies on consumers purchasing dishwashers?

To tackle this, Finish and Amazon Ads collaborated on building a campaign that paired Finish products with specific dishwasher models on Amazon. This tactic is known as virtual cross-category bundles, where complementary products are bundled together in an online store, intended to spark customer interest in Finish products while promoting other dishwashers available on Amazon.ae. This strategy helped Finish broaden their product distribution alongside dishwashers sold on Amazon.ae.

The campaign also aimed to effectively engage audiences at every stage of their product discovery journey, which consisted of three phases: awareness, consideration, and purchase. Click here to learn more about Finish’s campaign strategy and results.

HP turns search into success with the Product Selector Tool

The power of research brought a notable insight to light; most of the top keywords searched in the PC category were generic, indicating that shoppers didn’t have a specific brand in mind when they began their PC search and struggled to identify the best fitting product based on their needs.

Enter the Product Selector Tool, an option from Amazon Ads designed to steer shoppers who are not brand-conscious towards HP. The Product Selector took is akin to a guide in the digital aisle materialized in a custom landing page within HP’s brand Store, asking shoppers a few questions about their needs and preferences, and then serving up tailor-made recommendations for HP laptops.

But it’s not just about names and model numbers; the tool also surfaces details on features, pricing, and reviews to equip shoppers with all the info they needed to make a savvy purchase decision.

The metrics from HP’s ongoing campaign in Q1’23 indicate that the strategy and execution effectively engaged viewers, increased interest in product details, and drove sales, which contributed to a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) for the brand.

Click here to learn more about HP’s campaign strategy and results.