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Twitter’s community celebrates the 91st Saudi National Day

The Saudi flag emoji was used 29.7 million times since last September.

As one of the most anticipated celebrations of the Saudi calendar, #SaudiNationalDay often sees people taking to Twitter to share their plans, experiences, and love of country, with 46 per cent of Saudi audiences found to believe National Day celebrations are more special on the platform, according to a recent Twitter insights survey.

The past year has seen a 10 per cent year-on-year increase in the number of times the Saudi flag emoji has been used on Twitter, raising the volume to 29.7 million, and with two in three people in the country looking forward to the celebrations.

To amplify the conversations surrounding Saudi National Day, @TwitterMENA asked its audiences to share how they plan on celebrating #SaudiNationalDay. In response, Twitter brought the celebration directly to the doorsteps of a select few with custom National Day-inspired gifts.

Following the initial Tweet, people across the country, including lifestyle creator, Az bin Fahad (@az_bin_fahad); music producer, Abdulaziz Al Yami (@azeez000a); actress, Wed Osama (@O_Wedd); TV host, Tariq Aljaser (@tariqaljaser); singer, Dania Alsabban (@daniaalsabban); beauty and lifestyle creator Shahad Alzahrani (@Zshahad2); gamer, Meshael (@meshael_mr); and lifestyle creator Areej Abdulaah (@areejun), jumped into the conversation, sharing their own plans to celebrate the occasion.

Tweets included:

  • Dania Alsabban (@daniaalsabban) created her own composition to celebrate Saudi National Day.

  • Faisal Alanbri (@f_an93) revealed he would be celebrating Saudi National Day on the edge of the world.

  • Wed Osama (@O_Wedd) shared her gratitude to celebrate the day in one of the most beautiful cities, overlooking the sea in Jeddah.

Those who received the surprise kits shared their excitement Tweeting photos and videos on the platform, re-shared by Twitter in a thread encouraging everyone to share their own celebration shots to amplify the #SaudiNationalDay spirit on the platform.

  • Lama Saeed (@Lmiico) expressed her joy as she unboxed the surprise gifts from Twitter

  • Tarek (@tim_coook1) showed off his customised gifts and shared his love of Twitter

  • Areej Al Abdallah (@areejun_) thanked Twitter and shared a snapshot of the gift box

On the platform, Twitter also created an emoji of the Saudi flag that is triggered whenever the following hashtags are Tweeted throughout the month of September:

  • اليوم_الوطني_السعودي#
  • 2021اليوم_الوطني_السعودي#
  • 91اليوم_الوطني_السعودي#
  • السعودية#
  • #SaudiNationalDay
  • #SaudiNationalDay2021
  • #SaudiNationalDay91

A dedicated event page in both Arabic and English has also been launched, providing people with real-time updates on activities, including videos and moments. The event page will be accessible through either the Twitter explore section or on top of people’s timelines, for those who already engage with the #SaudiNationalDay content on Twitter. Alternatively, people can find the page by typing “Saudi National Day’’ or ‘اليوم الوطني السعودي’ in Twitter ‘search’.