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Twitter announces branded likes in KSA 











Twitter has announced the addition of branded likes in Saudi Arabia and few other regions. Branded likes will let advertisers transform Twitter’s like button into customised animations. Twitter says trials have shown that branded likes drive conversation and engagement around launches and brand moments, and create memorable, interactive experiences with consumers. 

Find the full text of the twitter blog below: 

Bringing Branded Likes to Saudi Arabia: A new way for brands to surprise and delight
by Lisa Pierre Louis, Madeleine Bayer, and Lulu Zhong

Some moments deserve special attention: a movie or series premiere, a big conference, a new product release, or even a global sports event. For big moments like these when you want to launch something new, drive awareness of your brand, or amplify conversation, we’re building bold, creative ways to stand out on the timeline.

Expanding Twitter as a creative canvas for brands means improving the reach and efficiency of some of our core brand solutions – like Takeover Ads – and introducing new formats that drive business results and help brands tell richer stories.

Today, we’re scaling a feature that ticks all of these boxes: Branded Likes. Branded Likes let advertisers transform Twitter’s Like button into a delightful, custom animation.

Starting today, this feature is available to all managed advertisers who want to reach people in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

How it works:

  • Branded Likes are available as an add-on to our Timeline Takeover offering – an ad placement that ensures a brand’s ad is the first ad to appear when someone opens Twitter for the first time that day. When Branded Likes are paired with this exclusive ad package, advertisers are able to maximize brand exposure and drive additional engagement and buzz around the moments most important to them.
  • Advertisers select a hashtag – and up to 10 translations of that hashtag – for their Branded Like. We work with creative partners including Bare Tree Media for activations running in the United States, United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia, and Carbon for Japan, to create custom artwork for the campaign.
  • Any time a consumer taps the Like button on an organic or promoted Tweet that contains the pre-selected hashtag, the custom Branded Like animation will appear.
  • Branded Likes will appear for up to 24 hours in the same geography as the brand’s Timeline Takeover.

Brands across several industries including Media and Entertainment, Technology and Telecommunications, CPG, and Retail – like Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Tesco – have tested Branded Likes to drive conversation and engagement around their biggest launches and brand moments, and create memorable, interactive experiences with consumers.

During testing, Branded Likes generated positive impact when paired with Timeline Takeover, seeing a +277% lift in recall, and +202% lift in purchase and consideration intent1. Not only does the feature deliver ad effectiveness for brands, but we also see excitement and interest from consumers on our platform to see more brands tapping into this feature. According to Twitter Insiders research, Branded Likes are well received by consumers, with 2 in 3 people surveyed finding Branded Likes to be appealing2 – a testament to the unique opportunity Branded Likes creates for brands to bring additional personality to their Tweets.

Now, there’s even more to like on Twitter. For more information on Branded Likes and to confirm availability and pricing, please contact your Twitter Client Partner.

We’re excited to see more creative ways brands will tap into this feature, and look forward to scaling the product to reach consumers across more markets in the future. Be sure to follow @TwitterBusiness for more updates.

1Source: Twitter internal data from Branded Likes while in Beta testing Oct 2021 – Jan 2022. Brand Effect Results of Branded Like Campaigns in US, UK, JP. Branded Like Add on to Timeline Takeover (n=7). Control group defined as respondents who were not exposed to promoted Tweets that were a part of the Branded Likes campaigns. These numbers may change in general availability and may vary depending on region.

 2Source: Sparkler, Twitter Insiders US Branded Likes | December 2021 | Base: Insiders (n=559)