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Tumi launches 3D Out of Home ad in latest campaign

Tumi has launched its first 3D Out of Home ad to showcase its latest lightweight luggage collection. 

The ad leverages the 3D anamorphic billboard technique, which involves manipulating the perspective to create the illusion of a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional surface.

The campaign runs from October 2023 to January 2024 in seven prime locations in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. 

The 30-second advertisement features various components of a TEGRA-LITE® the international expandable carry-on luggage collection coming together in mid-air before the product collides with the surrounding walls, leaving a path of destruction. 

The display of strength and impact performance illustrates the Tegris® material that gives the collection its durability and toughness. 

Created for use in lifesaving armor, protective sports gear and professional race cars, it is consistent with the brand’s high standards of design and is globally exclusive to the brand for use in travel and accessory products. 

Jill Krizelman, SVP Global Marketing and E-Commerce at TUMI, said: “At TUMI, we are always looking to innovate and disrupt how we reach consumers. 

“We’re thrilled to bring our much-loved TEGRA-LITE® luggage to our first 3D Out-of-Home ad, which demonstrates the strength and resilience of this high-performance collection featuring the ground breaking Tegris® technology.” 

The 3D advertisement aims to boost the Tumi brand in the region while reinforcing its luxury roots.

It launched in Malaysia on October 1, with Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and Dubai to follow. Each location was chosen because it is a top travel destination and among the fastest rebounding countries for inbound travellers.