Behind the scenes with Emirates and Penélope Cruz

The airline has revealed behind the scenes footage with brand ambassador

Emirates has released an exclusive behind the scenes video showcasing the vast production required for a TV campaign shot on a huge aircraft, as well as Emirates cabin crew embracing the opportunity to interview Cruz.

Penélope Cruz flew to Dubai for a week to film the campaign.

A polished series of ads showing Cruz sampling all the luxuries that Emirates first and business class customers experience, from a crafted beverage in the A380 Onboard Lounge, to a shower above the clouds, cheering for a football game shown on live TV, to enjoying generous helpings of luxury caviar.

The new behind-the-scenes footage features two Emirates cabin crew discovering how it all comes together, with some comments about the experience from Penélope herself.

An Emirates production takes a huge amount of work and a team of hundreds of experts to make it all happen.

Campaign Middle East will be hosting its monthly Breakfast Briefing on the Out of Home industry on 10th November at the Grand Plaza Mövenpick, Media City, Dubai. To find out more click here.

Facts about the filming process:

  1. More than 160 people were involved on the ground in the filming of these ads – 36 international crew and 125 local crew and cast.
  2.  Penélope Cruz was filmed inside of Emirates signature aircraft – the ‘double decker’ aircraft, the A380.
  3. The shoot was planned and organized in record time and totaled 1,488 production manhours – which equates to around 165 working days.
  4. Because the filming took place on a real aircraft at the airport, all 160 people needed special permission from the UAE authorities to access the restricted and highly secure area.
  5. 10 large trucks were needed to carry all the catering items and filming equipment.
  6.  Emirates built a designated green room in the hangar for cast to wait in while off set.
  7. For security reasons, every piece of filming equipment had to be unloaded, scanned, checked and loaded on airside trucks, and stored in a hangar nearby the aircraft.
  8.  To create ‘cinematic lighting’ inside an A380, it was essential to create lighting platforms using eight scissor lifts and boom lifts.
  9.  The lucky cabin crew who got to meet and interview Cruz were Doyle Kim from Australia and Alessandra Piper from the UK.
  10.  Each of the new TV spots were directed and brought to life by Robert Stromberg, a double Oscar-winning Hollywood director while production house Ridley Scott associates also supported the series of TV spots, and Framestore.