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Top 15 cinema ads of 2023

Motivate Val Morgan, Middle East’s leading cinema advertising representative, has selected 15 of the top ads that graced the big screen in 2023, presented in no particular order

The cinema industry experienced a remarkable resurgence across the Middle East in 2023, fueled by a series of consecutive blockbuster releases including Barbie, Oppenheimer, Fast X, Jawan, Mission Impossible, Jailer, and the concert movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

These standout films, along with numerous others, have marked a triumphant return for the industry. Cinemas worldwide are once again reemerging as vibrant spaces for storytelling, entertainment, and shared experiences, reaffirming the timeless allure of the silver screen in our digital age.

The Top 15 Cinema Ads of 2023 pay tribute to exceptional content that fully embraces the cinematic medium, providing audiences with an extraordinary sensory experience spanning a range of emotional tones.

  • Nissan
    Title: Nissan Z – A Tribute to Edgar Herrmann
    Agency: OMD, UAE

MVM chose this ad because…with its mesmerising footage, inspiring storytelling, and unforgettable soundtrack, the ad pays tribute to the legendary race car driver Edgar Herrmann and the iconic Nissan 240Z, demonstrating how brands can harness the power of cinema to share engaging narratives.

  • Cartier

Title: Tank Française (feat. Rami Malek and Catherine Deneuve)

Agency: UM UAE

MVM chose this ad because…helmed by filmmaker Guy Ritchie and shot in Paris, the ad’s distinctive directorial style creates a charming cinematic experience. The ad takes viewers on a captivating journey through time, whilst highlighting the enduring design of the Tank Française.

  • McDonald’s

Title: As Featured in 

Agency: UAE – UM, Qatar – Al Mana Media, and Kuwait – Media Market

MVM chose this ad because…it serves as a nostalgic reminder of the fast food giant’s iconic presence in the realms of cinema and television. The ad takes viewers on a delightful trip down memory lane, particularly resonating with folks who lived through the vibrant 1990s.

  • Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Title: Symphony of Earth

Agency: Spark Foundry, KSA

MVM chose this ad because…timed to coincide with Saudi National Day, the ad not only commemorates the birth of modern Saudi Arabia but also blends its traditional and heritage-inspired soundtrack with captivating visuals to seamlessly craft a cinematic masterpiece reminiscent of a compelling movie trailer.

  • Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Title: Live it up like Momoa – Marina Circuit
Agency: Initiative, UAE

MVM chose this ad because…while it gained significant traction across various ad platforms, its true adrenaline rush is solely experienced when viewed on the big cinema screen, where its power comes to
life with unparalleled visuals and immersive sound.

  • Clara

Title: It’s a Clara Curl
Agency: Marketedia, KSA

MVM chose this ad because…the creative artfully mirrors the style and theme of the blockbuster it launched alongside, Barbie. With its vibrant pink palette and glittering aesthetics, it exudes a sense of femininity, capturing the attention of young and fashion-forward audiences.

  • Central Bank of Kuwait

Title: Diraya
Agency: BPG, Kuwait

MVM chose this ad because…it leverages humour to effectively convey an essential public awareness message about the risks associated with fraudulent phone calls, with a particular focus on the vulnerable demographic depicted in the ad. This ad is part of a series of equally comedic messages by the advertiser.

  • Hermès

Title: Le Regard d’Hermès
Agency: Havas Media Middle East

MVM chose this ad because…it is a cinematic tour de force that encapsulates the quintessential spirit of cinema with a production style reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino Western. The synergy between the soundtrack and cinematography makes this ad a cinematic gem, as if it’s tailor-made for the silver screen, where it truly belongs.

  • Etihad Airways 

Title: Mission: Reliably Punctual
Agency: Red Dot Media, UAE

MVM chose this ad because…this creative piece, part of a series of five ads, aligns its theme with Paramount’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part, allowing it to ride the wave of anticipation generated by the film and offering audiences a mini-trailer experience. 

  •  Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Title: Speak Your Heart with Mine Diamonds

MVM chose this ad because…this creative piece not only represents a remarkable collaboration between two female Bollywood powerhouses but also elegantly showcases Malabar’s exquisite jewellery collection, bringing it to life through a beautifully crafted script and a heartwarming soundtrack.

  • Sharjah International Book Fair 

Title: SIBF 2023

MVM chose this ad because… the animation in this creative carries a distinctive, dark allure, yet it’s the artful synergy with the script and vibrant voiceover that transforms it into a whimsical spectacle, effectively bringing to life the excitement and love for reading on the grand cinematic canvas.

  •  Oriental Weavers

Title: Your Home, Your Character

Agency: Initiative, Egypt

MVM chose this ad because…it distinguishes itself with its humour-laden script, artfully depicting the myriad considerations and choices individuals encounter in the quest for the perfect living room carpet. Its engaging narrative is universally relatable, making it a standout piece.

  • Sobha Realty

Title: The Art of the Detail

MVM chose this ad because…visually, this creative masterpiece immerses viewers in the essence of Sobha’s signature luxury home construction style, capturing the epitome of elegance on the big screen. In parallel, the ad’s meticulously crafted copy and compelling narrative breathe life into the brand’s distinct identity. 

  •  Saudia

Title: This is How We Fly

Agency: MMS Communications, KSA

MVM chose this ad because…it skillfully harnesses the cinematic environment to craft an impactful in-flight experience through a combination of visually mesmerising elements, emotionally uplifting audio
and a compelling script, while successfully showcasing its commitment to the nation’s future.

  • Café #999

Title: Doha Art Hub

MVM chose this ad because… it’s a delectable fusion of gastronomy and art, skillfully presented through a dynamic visual narrative that seamlessly blends vibrant animation with charming real-life footage, and enhanced by a lively, ever-changing soundtrack. The ad takes audiences on a captivating journey from beginning to end.