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Tonic Worldwide’s research division ‘GIPSI’ unveils a report highlighting positive sentiment of 2021 for UAE

Tonic Worldwide’s HI+AI insight division GIPSI shares learnings from 2020 with insights and implications for UAE 2021 for marketers’ quick reference.

Tonic Worldwide, a UAE based digital-first creative agency and GIPSI have released a report and identified five factors highlighting the positive sentiments of 2021 for UAE.  These factors cover economy, healthcare, tourism, women and celebrations.  The report highlights how the UAE has won hearts and enjoyed positive sentiment not only from Emiratis but also from global audiences.

Dubai became a torchbearer of UAE’s buzzing Travel & Tourism scene in 2020, becoming one of the most preferred travel destinations globally. This led to good performance and created positive sentiment around the UAE’s economy. For women empowerment, the future looks limitless to UAE women, with the government’s continuous support.  UAE has led the way in celebrations and kept the festive spirit high throughout 2020. What’s more, there was a noticeable excitement around 2021 Dubai Shopping Festival.

GIPSI applied its ‘Deep Listening’ methodology to arrive at unique insights. The data sources are multiple for the ‘Deep Listening’ Method and goes beyond digital conversations and map the data with interests and searches, coupled with unique HI perspectives giving actionable insights.

Here are the insights from the report:

1. Resilient economy and promising outlook in 2020 

GIPSI observed: 

  • 49 per cent+ search trends for “Growth of GDP” in UAE, with consistent positive sentiment for UAE economy vis-a-vis consistent negative sentiment for the world economy throughout 2020
  • Global conversations on “Government measures” in the UAE harbours 3x more positive sentiment 5x more negative sentiment as compared to the USA.
  • 83 per cent increase in “Job opportunities” and related searches, with top Hospitality and Airlines as a result of Hospitality and Airlines companies embarking on hiring sprees.
  • UAE goes beyond just an Oil-Economy, with 575.6K conversations and 13.8M engagement, including the service sector, health, infrastructure, and business
  • Sustainability first measures creates a positive aura for the UAE economy with 24.3K conversations, 222.6K engagement

GIPSI shares its implication:

Ride the good performance and positive sentiment around the UAE economy and be a part of this good news.

2. Prompt healthcare in 2020

The positive sentiment around UAE’s Healthcare measures taken during 2020, formed a strong backbone for a reliable UAE.

GIPSI observed: 

  • Global conversations on Hospitals, Medicine and related topics showcase 2x more negative sentiment compared to UAE.
  • UAE government’s contribution to vaccine adoption and distribution, consistent care and the promise of world-class safety to Global citizens garners 1.3M conversations, 45M engagement, overall positive engagement
  • 10 million meals, immeasurable goodwill at a global scale:
  • This gesture of goodwill by government recognized globally for its positive impact with over 42.1K conversations, 789.5K engagement

GIPSI shares its implication: 

The trust and confidence in healthcare make for a willing consumer who is ready to engage and indulge.

3. Preferred travel & tourism destination in 2020

Dubai became a torchbearer of UAE’s buzzing Travel & Tourism scene, becoming one of the most preferred travel destinations globally.

GIPSI observed: 

  • UAE immerses in Travel with a surge in “Hotel bookings” since April, while the world hesitates –  + 175 per cent UAE search trends since April
  • Emiratis revive their need for travel and getaways with a nearly 4X interest surge in “Vacation” since Apr’20, showcasing quick recovery
  • 7K conversations on Dubai Travel; #visitdubai trends globally, and emerges as the top preference
  • UAE further leads the way in Trade and Tourism due to the rich cultural events, arts and sports, according to conversations across the world: 302.3K conversations, 21M engagement

GIPSI shares its implication:

Make the most of the first movers’ advantage on T&T and participate in the positive momentum

4. Unstoppable UAE women in 2020

The world is celebrating the new liberal UAE laws – especially related to Women.

GIPSI observed:

  • 227K+ global engagement: On conversations about women’s rights, celebrating personal freedom.
  • 25K+ global engagement on global conversations for equal pay reform in the UAE, contributing to the sentiment of #equalpay #uaelaws and the UN recognised Gender Equality Index positively.
  • 6K conversations and 2.6M engagement regarding celebration and recognition of women leaders.
  • Emirati Women’s day sees 78 per cent+ positive sentiment, about women empowerment and the future looks limitless to UAE women, with the government’s support.

GIPSI shares its implication: 

Including women in the strategy should be a norm in marketing

5. Uninterrupted UAE celebrations in 2020:

UAE led the way in celebrations and kept the festive spirit high throughout 2020 despite of all the challenges.

GIPSI observed:

  • 351K+ conversations on UAE festivities, with Ramadan, Diwali, UAE National Day and Christmas celebrations at the forefront.
  • UAE’s New Year celebration with a safety filter has higher Celebration Quotient (CQ) vs the USA, with the former having almost 2x positive sentiment in comparison.
  • Dubai shopping festival gets bigger this year, having Instagram content on the hashtag #MYDSF 50K+ updates and potential reach over the past 3 months on the topic globally: 2.4B
  • 49th UAE National Day witnessed nationwide excitement and celebrations: 277K+ key hashtag mentions, and 131K engagement.
  • Worldwide anticipation and expectations for Expo 2020, happening in 2021 on the rise:  565K+ key hashtag mentions, 89K+ conversations, 878K engagement.

GIPSI shares its implication: 

Audiences kept the optimism quotient high by discussing events, celebrations and festivities.

To get the full report click here: LEARNINGS FROM 2020