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To the metaverse and beyond – by Disruptive

Disruptive and Disruptive World prepare industry leaders for impact, purpose and all things metaverse and Web3

David Beckham stepping into the metaverse

Award-winning production house and content creator Disruptive is evolving to embrace and enhance Web3 accessibility in its profile. The company is building out its financial flow systems while implementing impact-driven models and projects along the way. Disruptive has garnered the trust of industry leaders, creating a diverse portfolio of work. The company found early success with a focus on the entertainment sector, as reflected in its star-studded showreel that includes many of the region’s A-list singers, including Hussain Al Jasmi, Rashed Al Majid and Maya Diab; international artists French Montana, Fat Joe and Sean Paul; and an extensive list of Bollywood superstars with the likes of Guru Randawah, Honey Singh and Akshay Kumar.

The production house saw continued growth helping the corporate world capture its stories through commercials, documentaries and animated content for leading brands and organisations, such as Expo 2020 UAE Pavilion, Special Olympics, Cartoon Network, Dubai Tourism, Swarovski, Nestle, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson. During this time, Disruptive delivered more than 40 productions for Etisalat alongside ad agency Impact BBDO, including servicing specialised briefs such as a 360-degree visual experience that was animated specifically for the Expo Dome, and the rebranding of the telecom’s sonic identity, which has since been heard by millions and took Silver at the Middle East Transformation Awards.

Disruptive, in shifting to adopt Web3, guided boxing legend Floyd Mayweather into the space by designing and producing his debut NFT campaign, titled ‘The Legacy’. The campaign tells the story of the undefeated boxer’s rise to the top, showcasing a multi-tier collection that leverages utility and access to grant fans unique experiences, merchandise, and boxing memorabilia. Disruptive’s latest production stars sports-icon and philanthropist David Beckham stepping into the metaverse and embracing its limitless potential. To view the 2022 Disruptive Showreel and its portfolio, visit www.disruptive.ae

Screenshot from the brand film for Jetex

Behind the Web3 brand evolution for Disruptive is parallel company Disruptive World, a strategic advisory firm with a passion for purpose. David Zennie, founder and CEO of Disruptive and Disruptive World, says: “The two seamlessly work together to guide our partners and clients through an educational, transformative and purpose-driven journey. We are currently developing signature projects that utilise cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence and working with leading talent and meta-architects to build out virtual worlds in both Unity and Unreal 5. As we continue to move forward, I am happy to see purpose driven narratives that produce measurable impact at the centre of our efforts, with some very exciting partnerships and project announcements to be unveiled soon.”

Screenshot from ACUVUE advert
Screenshot from ACUVUE advert

Where is the metaverse headed?

The permanence of the internet was once dismissed by many, yet today we find the digital age is accelerating the rise of Web3, DeFi (decentralised finance), NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the metaverse to enhance the consumer experience. Gen Z-ers spend on average more than half their waking hours in front of screens, and if we have learned anything in the last two years, it is that there has been a significant shift in the way consumers interact with digital content and how central online engagement is to our lives. Leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs predict the metaverse will become an $8 trillion opportunity by 2030.

Zennie shares a unique insight, “The metaverse is no longer a far-off fantasy. It stands to reshape and deepen the relationship between consumer and producer. The world of blockchain and Web3 is quite literally evolving at our fingertips, taking us away from the current transactional model that we know and shifting us towards a multi-stakeholder model. In the end, we find the metaverse becoming the multi-stakeholder arena, capable of fostering a new dimension in consumer-brand relationships. Encouraging innovation to meet consumer needs will be a must. A healthy community dynamic in which purpose and impact are a cornerstone will be the key to unlocking longevity and prosperity for all stakeholders.”

Screenshot from the Expo 2020 UAE Pavilion documentary

Impact-driven virtual event

To holistically support the film and advertising industry, Disruptive World is hosting a purpose-driven virtual event, ‘Mind Matters: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’. Mind Matters takes place inside a virtual representation of a creative’s mind. Amongst neurons and synapses, attendees as avatars can navigate the virtual world, attend live talks and special events, and chat with leading wellness professionals. The virtual world engages an intersectional and meaningful dialogue around the importance of mental wellbeing and supports its contributors and attendees in their journey to a healthier mind.

Using an industry-first approach, Mind Matters rolls profit redistribution and sponsorship allocations towards impact, offering support for the wellness of industry peers in the UAE navigating the high demands and complexities of the film and advertising industry. Mind Matters is free of charge and is open to anyone interested in learning about mental wellness. Registration has recently opened for those who wish to attend, speak, or sponsor at: www.mindmattersdxb.io

Disruptive CEO David Zennie and sports icon David Beckham on set
Disruptive CEO David Zennie and sports icon David Beckham on set

Industry readiness for the metaverse and beyond

As industries transition, Disruptive World advises and guides partners through a transformative process from start to finish, providing key services from designing immersive metaverses to core strategy development that establishes a strong brand presence within new virtual worlds. The Disruptive World team offers its expertise working closely alongside partners to structure and plan clients’ transition into the metaverse with a defined goal to ensure consumers experience a next-level engagement from their favourite and most trusted brands. Zennie says: “Early leaders who take the metajump shouldn’t be surprised when they quickly find themselves in position to lead their industry.”

Disruptive World recognises that education is the first step to readiness. To support industry shift, the firm offers a comprehensive training course ‘Metaverse and Beyond’, designed to empower C-level executives and marketing and agency professionals with the knowledge and capabilities of Web3, blockchain technologies, NFTs and the metaverse. The course has been carefully developed with the needs of industry and market demands in mind to ensure that participants are trained with the latest information to effectively comprehend this emerging ecosystem and the available tools that are empowering leadership and their teams to navigate the space with confidence and expertise. The course is now available for booking at www.disruptiveworld.io

‘The Legacy’ NFT campaign for boxer Floyd Mayweather

Zennie says: “The goal is to fast-track the learning curve. We are supporting this evolution two-fold. Education as a major pillar in addition to advisory, strategic planning, and impact models that empower ad agencies and brands to stay ahead. This is all backed by production solutions allowing our clients and partners to step into the world of Web3, blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse with confidence.”

DISRUPTIVE SHOWREEL 2022 from Disruptive on Vimeo.