TishTash to represent Kate Hardcastle, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire aka The “Customer Whisperer”

TishTash is proud to now represent Kate Hardcastle MBE, TV’s “Customer Whisperer”, a straight-talking consumer expert and multiple business award winner who strongly believes in the power the customer can wield to force change.

Her aim is to help harness this power by bridging the gap between customers and the companies and organisations they deal with by putting a huge focus on a common-sense approach.

Kate is driven by her experiences working at the sharp end of retail, which included designing and creating market-leading products, devising marketing campaigns and buying and selling internationally – as well as working in Chinese factories and witnessing workers’ conditions for herself.

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Kate’s philosophy is to “do well by doing good,” meaning as a business you can still be profitable and have principles. To do this she feeds insight into the boardroom from the frontline, gleaned through tough conversations with leaders, employees, suppliers and customers.

It is this inside knowledge and wealth of experience – plus an unusual career trajectory where she chose not to take the easy path and worked in all possible departments – that makes her an in-demand business expert as well as a sought after commentator on consumer/retail stories in the media and sets her apart from her counterparts.

In recent years, Kate’s expertise has been featured in a range of TV shows including ITV’s Eat, Shop, Save, ITV’s Tonight, BBC’s Watchdog, Rip Off Britain and Inside Out,  and she has been quoted and appeared frequently across the news media in print as well as on TV and radio.