TikTok’s Ramadan Values campaign a creative and social success

Talal Alfayez, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy, MENAT at TikTok, explains how the social networking platform adopted a dynamic strategy to help spread the true spirit of Ramadan across the region this year through a carefully curated series of creator opportunities, content formats, hashtags and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

TikTok’s #RamadanValues campaign that ran during the Holy Month and championed the values of kindness, togetherness, tolerance and giving, was a glowing success due to its reach, engagement and effectiveness.

Since the growth of video views on TikTok by 21 percent and engagement by 22 percent during Ramadan in 2021, the platform positioned itself as the premier regional cultural and entertainment hub during the Holy Month.

Talal Alfayez, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy, MENAT at TikTok, elaborates on how Ramadan is a significant cultural moment within our region and one of great importance to families and friends, as they take time to come together and reflect, over shared values and moments. As TikTok is known for having the largest and most engaged online communities in the region and beyond, he goes on to explain how the team delivered on this in a way that not only entertains but also educates, empowers, and builds a more digitally responsible generation. Aiming to inspire creativity and bring joy more than ever before, the TikTok #RamadanValues campaign saw inspiring content under hashtags such as; “#صناع_البهجة” which translates as “makers of joy,”, #StitchKindness, that celebrated unsung heroes, and last but not least #BeTheChange which places the spotlight firmly on the pillar of tolerance, by sharing stories from the regional TikTok team on their encounters with bullying.

Watch the full video to discover how TikTok brought communities together to create some inspiring and unforgettable moments over the course of Ramadan.