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TikTok launches virtual AR showcase event

TikTok is hosting a virtual showcase of its latest AR development elements, with an “Openhouse” event on December 12th.

It will include various sessions that dig into its evolving AR development tools.

The social media’s ‘Effect House’ AR creation platform enables anybody to experiment with its advanced AR creation tools, and build their own interactive digital experiences within the app.

The event will provide insight into the latest advances and developments with the Effect House platform, while also providing in-depth overviews of how to create using its latest updates.

“In this virtual event, we’ll show you around Effect House – its latest and greatest features and how to use TikTok effects to create, tell interactive stories, and reach millions around the world. Whether you’re a TikTok effect enthusiast, a brand marketer, or an AR designer, we’ve got an exciting lineup of sessions and workshops for you.” stated TikTok.



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Just like Snapchat’s ‘Lens Fest’, TikTok’s looking to showcase its latest AR creation updates and innovations, which could inspire your next steps in the app.

With Meta, Apple, and other social media platforms developing their own AR glasses, which will eventually enable people to overlay digital effects on their real world perspective.

It will open up a whole new range of opportunities for interactive, engaging, entertaining content.