Tiffany & Co. unveils new short film starring Nancy Ajram

Highlighting Ramadan celebrations, Tiffany & Co. has unveiled a new short film starring the renowned Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram.

The slogan “With Love, We Fly” is a tribute to the moments of unity experienced during Ramadan. The phrase  encapsulates the spirit of family bonds and love.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless design of ‘Bird on a Rock’ by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co., dating back to 1965, the metaphorical significance is profound.

Just as the bird finds stability on the rock, families serve as anchors in our lives, providing us with unwavering support and strength to achieve our dreams.

The symbolism is brought to life through a dynamic cinematic view in the short film. The visual narrative combines live-action footage of Nancy embodying the spirit of the ‘Bird on a Rock’ with artistic calligraphic brushstrokes in Tiffany Blue ink, showing the message ‘With Love, We Fly.’

The collaboration between Tiffany & Co. and artist Carla Salem brings dimension to the film with Arabic calligraphy. This partnership adds a poetic layer to the storytelling, complementing the themes of love, family, and freedom explored within the piece.

Nancy Ajram shares “Bird on a Rock is more than a magnificent piece of jewellery for me, it’s my unwavering connection to love. Perched on its beautiful rock, the bird is a powerful symbol of freedom and stability. My loved ones, especially my family, are my rock. They at once ground me and give me wings, so that I am free to put my heart into everything I do.”

“With Love, We Fly” debuted last month. The accompanying film will launch on the brands website and social media channels this month, and will be amplified through regional media activations.