A diner concept on the cards for Pepsi?

A recent pop-up in Dubai celebrating the new brand launch of Pepsi saw the introduction of a new concept, a Pepsi Diner.

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While the Pepsi Diner has not been officially launched, PepsiCo Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer AMESA, Karim El Fiqi, shared with Campaign Middle East,  that Pepsi Diner is one of the several new experiences they’re testing and creating for Pepsi fans.

“The Pepsi Diner is a new concept that we’re bringing,” said El Fiqi.

He shares that the concept is part of the brand’s efforts to find the intersection between Pepsi and food.

“How do we become even more integrated so our consumers would always enjoy a nice meal with an ice cold Pepsi,” adds El Fiqi, revealing the idea behind the diner.

When asked if we will be seeing the Pepsi Diner come to life long term, El Fiqi shared that the concept is currently a test run by the brand. Though according to him the results seem to be promising at the moment.

“I would say it’s a test that we’re doing now, where the results that we’re seeing across the world and in the Middle East are very promising and very encouraging.”

“And this is something that we plan to expand more on, whether the Pepsi Diner on its own or how do we become part of the dining experiences of our consumers in an even more meaningful way.”

Karim El Fiqi, Senior Vice President, and Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo AMESA

Meaningful consumer experiences

Food is not the only experience Pepsi is looking to be a part of.

“Pepsi always has been part of the pop culture,” shared El Fiqi, “And when we talk about meaningful consumer experiences, this new generation is a huge fan of music, sports, fashion, dining and experimenting with food and all that.”

“This is the angle that we’re trying to do differently with this launch. How do we be present in and become part of those experiences that our consumers are looking for.”

“You will see us very heavily present in many of the sports events, the music festivals, and the fashion events.”

On their move to more experiential as a brand, El Fiqi shares that experiences are exactly what Pepsi consumers and fans are looking for.

“They’re looking for experiences. They’re looking for brands that understand them. and then with them wherever their passion points are, not brands that are imposed on them, but brands that feel natural within the context of the experiences they’re looking for.”

What’s next?

El Fiqi also hinted at more concepts to come in the coming year.

“Expect a lot of exciting news and exciting creations in music, sports, fashion and dining. And there are some surprises also that I can’t mention now, but stay on the lookout.”