The world’s tallest branded clocktower to open in Dubai

Credits: Franck Muller

Swiss Luxury watchmaker Franck Muller has announced a partnership with UAE real estate developer London Gate to build the tallest residential clock tower in the world.

The project called Franck Muller Aeternitas Tower will mark the watchmaker’s entry into the world of real estate.

To be developed in Dubai Marina, the tower is anticipated to be at a height of 450 metres, making it the the tallest branded residential tower and the tallest residential clock tower in the world.

The tower’s facade will be decorated by a Franck Muller clock at the top.

According to London Gate’s website, the luxury design of the Swiss Watch brand will be incorporated into the building finishes of Aeternitas.

Each apartment sold comes with the promise of a limited edition Franck Muller watch, according to the National.

The tower aims to offer a living experience that reflects the brand values and vision of Franck Muller and London Gate. The tower will showcase “sophistication and elegance”.

“It is incredible to launch Franck Muller’s first-ever real estate collaboration in a world-class city like Dubai, known to be one of the most vibrant, luxurious, and developed cities in the world,” said, Erol Baliyan, Managing Director of Franck Muller MEA.

The watchmaker’s partnership with London Gate also marks its expansion to the Middle East.

“We are delighted to expand in the Middle East with this unprecedented partnership with London Gate,” Baliyan adds. “We have been strategically exploring the branded residential market in the UAE to bring the heritage of brand excellence to the realm of real estate.

He also highlighted that this project “marks the beginning of a new chapter” for the brand.

The venture also seems to be the first of many, as indicated by the Baliyan.

“We are excited to introduce a record-breaking legacy for Franck Muller – which is slated to be the first of many iconic ventures that will unfold globally.”

Eman Taha, CEO of London Gate, said: “With this partnership, we aim to reinstate the standards of sophistication and elegance, creating a living experience that reflects the brand values and vision of both London Gate and Franck Muller.”

“An exclusive branded residential project; this will stand as a testament to our commitment to crafting unparalleled and never-seen spaces that resonate with our brand partner’s essence and prestige.”

The project is expected to be completed in 2026.