The Metaverse and its endless possibilities, by Katch International’s Georgie Woollams

By Georgie Woollams, managing director, Katch International.

When we think about the metaverse, we are thinking about the future of the internet; what it will do differently, and what we can expect. Imagine a virtual space resembling a 3D model of an environment where people can do everything that they do in real life— work, play, shop, and socialize— the only difference is that it is happening digitally either through a headset or on a device like your phone. In the metaverse, we become a part of the story and immersed in the experience, as opposed to simply observing it. Creating our avatar and engaging in metaverse communities, we become active creators, not merely consumers and the possibilities are endless. Visit your bank on Mars or go to School underwater.  This is the power of the metaverse and why it is going to have such a huge impact.

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As this technology continues to advance, we have the power to better express ourselves in the digital environment and join with colleagues, friends, and communities in a whole new way. The platforms and environments will have the capacity to massively expand reach and engagement, and gauge customer experience. Customer feedback will be direct and ‘in person’, albeit digitally, and unlike its predecessor, now referred to as Web2, the metaverse brings with it total immersion. Being truly present and interacting with other avatars in this virtual space is what will empower the metaverse to take personalized customer experiences to new heights. It’s a very exciting opportunity.

As the next frontier of commercial activity, the metaverse will be a major tool for e-commerce. It will allow brands to access new audiences and markets, inspire more interest in their products, engage their consumers in a new way, and attract more attention. Brands are already beginning to invest in AR and VR, social commerce, virtual games, and other tools to enable seamless, omnichannel, and more personally optimized customer experiences, and customers are demanding to be able to interact more closely with the brand regardless of time, location or even gravity!

It won’t be simply virtual environments captivating imaginations but a place to own, trade and create digital assets. Just as we surround ourselves with the things we enjoy and love in the real world, our digital experience will be the same. Virtual and augmented reality content will eventually become as integral to animating the metaverse as video and images are to social media. Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that creates and allows access to digital spaces through a headset, whereas Augmented Reality (AR) brings digital objects to the real world via your device. As brands and creators start to blend these technologies together we get the latest in interactive content that provides innovative hybrid experiences. As the use of technology rapidly becomes more widespread, we will see more and more brands exploring more imaginative ways to connect with customers. From helping buyers test and buy their products, to previewing locations around the world. Expect to be visiting digital hotels pre-booking and global conferences in fully interactive environments.

While the metaverse is still in its early stages, and will likely continue to evolve throughout the next decade, it opens the door for major advancements in our future economy and society.  This is a technology that’s designed around people and was born out of the desire for digital communities. As we move more and more towards the digital realm it will take our online experiences to levels we’ve never experienced before.