The Good Report celebrating the best campaigns for social & environmental responsibility 2020, by ACT Responsible and WARC Rankings

The Good Report is a unique ranking of the world’s best use of creative communications to promote sustainability and social responsibility to raise awareness of major social and environmental issues.

It is produced by ACT Responsible, the international non-profit association and largest global source of the world’s best ads on social and environmental issues, in collaboration with WARC, the worldwide authority on marketing effectiveness and publisher of the WARC Creative 100 Rankings, a global benchmark of creative excellence in advertising.

A total of 1,266 campaigns produced by 748 agencies for 1,012 brands (non-profit, public sector, and commercial brands) across 78 markets were evaluated for this latest Good Report.

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The Good Report ranking combines a campaign’s presence and performance in shows tracked for the WARC Creative 100 throughout 2020, and in ACT Responsible initiatives (Great Ads for Good Exhibition, the Care Awards, « One minute of Responsibility » TV Program, all Tributes (public vote), Good Ad Gallery). There are no complicated criteria or categories, just great work for Good.

Of the top 40 campaigns featured in The Good Report 2020, 27 are for non-profits, 11 for commercial brands (including three produced in collaboration with non-profits) and two for public sectors. 40 agencies (28 of which are from 19 networks and 14 are independent agencies) across 21 markets are represented.

The top 25 agencies are made up of six independent and 19 networked agencies covering a total of 13 markets. Of the top 20 networks, three are independent and 17 are owned by holding companies. The top ten brands include seven non-profits, one for-profit and two are collaborations.

Taking the top places are:

Most successful Campaigns promoting good
#1 Pay it forward, FCB Inferno London, The Big Issue & Monzo Bank
#2 Elsa, Altmann + Pacreau Paris, Association Petits Princes
#3 Unsafe Buildings in the Spotlight, Anomaly London, Grenfell United
#4 Project Understood, FCB Canada, Google AI / Canadian Down Syndrome Society
#5 The Gun Violence History Book, FCB Chicago, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Most successful Agencies promoting good
#1 Anomaly London
#2 FCB Inferno London
#3 Altmann + Pacreau
#4 Wings The Agency
#5 FCB Canada

Most successful Networks promoting good
#1 FCB
#2 BBDO Worldwide
#3 Ogilvy
#4 McCann Worldgroup
#5 Havas

Most successful advertisers promoting good
#1 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
#2 The Big Issue / Monzo Bank
#3 Association Petits Princes
#4 WWF
#5 Grenfell United

ACT Responsible considers that advertising is not always given recognition for its role to inform, raise awareness and educate.

For 19 years now, ACT Responsible has collected the best ads promoting sustainability & social responsibility in order to highlight the use of creativity to raise awareness of the world’s major issues. Still, hardly any specific recognition is offered to agencies that give time and talent to support the communication of public interest causes. Nonetheless, the commitment of communication professionals to these causes is fundamental; good causes need campaigns to create awareness of their existence.

ACT Responsible has created «The Good Report» in collaboration with WARC, to celebrate the wonderful work and dedication that thousands of agencies are making to support these major causes, in order to further motivate and inspire creativity as well as the continued production of new campaigns.

Hervé de Clerck

Hervé de Clerck, ACT Responsible Dream Leader, says: “With The Good Report, ACT Responsible continues its mission of promoting, inspiring and federating the communications industry for the greater Good. We truly believe advertising has a major role in educating and promoting good to help make the world a better place and we are proud to celebrate this work every year. Producing The Good Report with the collaboration of the WARC Rankings team is a great privilege.” 


Amy Rodgers

Amy Rodgers, Managing Editor, Research & Rankings, WARC and ACT’ive Partner, comments: “Creativity as a force for positive change is more important than ever. WARC is delighted to collaborate with ACT Responsible to continue shining a light on the brands, the NGOs and the agencies that are creating breakthrough ideas that truly matter to society.”

All the campaigns featured in The Good Report are available to view online here: