The future of luxury property marketing reflects the values of clients

Buying luxury property has turned into a personal journey, finds Sankari Properties’ Meenakshi Khanchandani

As we enter 2024, the UAE’s luxury property market is witnessing a transformative shift, reflecting its growing appeal as a long-term residential haven and a significant change in the demographics of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs).

Over the past five years, the typical profile of UHNWIs has changed dramatically, challenging old ideas about wealth. Influenced by the pandemic and the growth of the blockchain sector, a younger and more diverse group of people are now building wealth.

They prioritise quality lifestyle more predominantly than earlier generations. This shift in wealth demographics highlights the need for a more thoughtful approach to designing and marketing luxury homes.


Today, the definition of a luxury lifestyle has evolved beyond superficial – it is more about self-expression and living life on your terms.

In tandem, investing in premium real estate developments is no longer just about seizing an opportunity for capital gains. For many wealthy individuals and families, it has evolved into a personal journey – a celebration of their achievements and enjoying the fine quality of life they have earned.

These clients are deeply invested, showing keen interest in the minutest details of layouts, materials, design finishes, services and security. Consequently, developers face the challenge of surpassing the ordinary, crafting unique identities and offerings for their discerning clientele.

They have already pushed boundaries and experimented with innovative concepts, continually elevating the industry standard.

With these advancements, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to utilise the dynamic ecosystem, contributing uniquely to Dubai’s narrative and forging a legacy for their brands. The crux lies in redefining the discourse around prime real estate and luxury lifestyles, adapting to the evolving needs of stakeholders and staying a step ahead.


We live in an era where luxury is the norm, and ‘ultra-luxury’ sets a higher benchmark. In the UAE, properties exceeding $10 million epitomise this class. Our clientele comprises not just wealthy individuals but dreamers who are architects of their success stories.

As we embark on this thrilling journey, I am convinced that a storytelling approach should do more than push boundaries – it should shatter them. This approach is about skillfully intertwining our clients’ current desires with their past victories and future aspirations.

Marketing professionals in the real estate sector are refining their storytelling techniques. It’s no longer solely about selling dream homes; it’s about how these new homes enable clients to forge their legacies. The dream home transcends spaces and square footage.

The dialogue now centres on how these spaces are crafted to augment overall quality of life, health, well-being, safety and privacy, to name a few.

The true power of storytelling is unleashed when developers and buyers share a common vision – the creation of their lasting legacies. I am eager to see marketing professionals challenge themselves and craft narratives that extend beyond the individual, capturing a broader perspective – seeing each customer as a vital contributor to the project’s narrative.


When catering to an UHNWI, attention to detail is not just a requirement but a fundamental necessity. However, this commitment must extend beyond the properties themselves. It should be evident in the planning and execution of the customer journey.

Marketing professionals must apply the same principles of meticulous planning to their communication efforts as development teams do in their project planning processes. Each touchpoint deserves recognition and prioritisation.

Ultimately, it’s the small touches that create the most significant differences.


In real estate, the relationship between developers and agents isn’t just a partnership – it’s a crucial synergy. Going beyond commercial transactions, professionals in the industry recognise the importance of building long-term relationships with customers, and agents play an essential role in this evolution.

Agents are an integral component of the ecosystem, serving as an extension of the sales and marketing teams for developers. They function as brand ambassadors and provide developers with vital customer insights.

Focusing on long-term, transparent communications in these relationships can make a substantial difference. At the heart of any successful partnership lies trust.


The luxury property market is shifting towards tailored experiences that are not only opulent but also meaningful and authentic. In this context, developers increasingly recognise the importance of insights from marketing and sales teams in creating unique, boundary-pushing developments.

These insights are crucial in crafting properties that stand out in the nation’s skyline and redefine excellence in the luxury real estate market. The future of luxury property marketing in the UAE is not just about selling homes; it’s about contributing to the nation’s evolving landscape with innovative developments that echo the aspirations and values of a discerning clientele.

By Meenakshi Khanchandani, Marketing Director at Sankari Properties