Hilton champions global platform with Bollywood icon

Hilton has announced a global ambassador partnership with Indian actress Deepika Padukone.

The collaboration is part of the company’s expansion efforts in the Indian market and is also an extension of Hilton’s global marketing platform, ‘Hilton. For The Stay’.

Choosing Padukone

According to the brand, Padukone embodies the spirit of modern India and resonates with the aspirations and ethos of the Indian traveler.

“Deepika’s iconic status in India coupled with her ability to effortlessly bridge tradition with modernity makes her the ideal brand ambassador for Hilton,” said, Mark Weinstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Hilton.

The actress’s values of “resilience, innovation and global outlook” complement Hilton’s mission to offer “exceptional experiences”.

Padukone’s connection with her audience is built on authenticity and a shared pursuit of excellence. These qualities are at the heart of Hilton’s service philosophy.

Marketing its platform in India

The  global marketing platform, ‘Hilton. For The Stay’, aims to illustrate the realities and stresses of traveling, while highlighting the importance of ‘The Stay’ as a crucial element that can make or break any trip.

It also highlights why it matters where people stay when they travel.

Hilton’s hyper-localised approach for the India campaign will start with understanding the unique preferences of local consumers in the coming months.

“Through our partnership we look forward to exploring Deepika’s unique, authentic Hilton Stay experiences.  The stories we’ll tell together will inspire travellers from across India to join Hilton Honors and experience their very own Hilton Stays,” adds Weinstein.

Through market research and Padukone’s connection with the Indian audience, Hilton aims to uncover relatable tensions in travel which will be interwoven into the campaign.

These campaign will also show how Hilton will remove these pain points through its signature hospitality, for every stay.

Deepika Padukone said, “I am proud to be partnering with Hilton, a global brand that resonates deeply with me, to champion the significance of ‘The Stay’ for Indians not only in India but across the globe.

“Our generation is defined by relentless dedication to our pursuits and a keen eye for meaningful experiences. I look forward to creating unforgettable memories with Hilton and share them with the world.”