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The Film House Dubai creates film ‘OWN A BRICK’ for Pakistan Association Dubai

The Film House Dubai creates film for 'OWN A BRICK' campaign for Pakistan Association Dubai with film director Anwar Al Amin.

Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) joined hands with film director Anwar Al Amin to produce a film on the ‘OWN A BRICK’ campaign.

The campaign was a revolutionary idea by few who wanted to make a difference and believe in touching people’s life.


Access to quality healthcare is a challenge that needs global attention. In February 2009, the medical wing at the PAD set up a free medical camp to cater to patients who are unable to have themselves checked at healthcare facilities due to financial restraints. The free medical camps continued in the heart of Dubai, the capital hub of the UAE with the support of community members and responsible corporates. PAD undertook the task of building a not-for-profit state of the art healthcare facility with the objective to treat everyone equally. 


According to the law, a social club does not have permission to have medical services. For over two years, PAD continued to pursue its case with the Community Development Authority and in an unprecedented move, the law had to be amended and health was included in PAD’s license. Another challenge was to devise an intelligent strategy of collecting funds that would engage the community. It should provoke them to take ownership of the project and become ambassadors and cheerleaders of the cause. 


The Own a Brick campaign was launched with a target of collecting 17,000 bricks in lieu of contributions. Members from across all sections of the community happily participated in the cause expressing their commitment and support to the cause. Children supported through the junior brick campaign and donated out of their pocket money. The generosity did not end here, corporates also participated in the campaign exhibiting a sense of responsibility towards community development.      


In October 2020, the Pakistan Medical Centre, GCC’s first not-for-profit healthcare facility opened its doors to the community promising to cater to the deserving and less fortunate ones. The state of the art facility offers services across all major specialities from cardiology to women’s health, from ENT to pediatrics, and many others. PMC is a result of a vision that supports the slogan ‘quality healthcare for all’ through trusted and dedicated individuals and partners.      

Production company: The Film House Dubai

Production and direction: Anwar Al Amin 

Creative direction: John Jovan, likewater 

Post production: Keith Dallison 

Line production and grips: Firas Hamdan,  CUBIC