The Bold Group unveils AI project at Athar Festival

Industry leaders Abeer Alessa, Ziad Abou Rjeily, and Rasha Alsaleh were key speakers at the festival

At this year’s Athar Saudi Creative Festival, The Bold Group stood out with its participation and the launch of an innovative AI initiative.

The event saw a gathering of the nation’s top advertising professionals, creative talents, and industry stakeholders, where The Bold Group showcased its commitment to revolutionizing the advertising sector through AI.

The company’s booth at the festival was the centerpiece of its initiative, illustrating the integration of AI within the unique cultural context of Saudi Arabia’s advertising industry.

This AI initiative is not only a technological leap but also aligns with Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision for the advertising sector, aiming to enhance the cultural relevance of advertising campaigns and develop tools specifically tailored to the Saudi market.

Industry leaders Abeer Alessa, Ziad Abou Rjeily, and Rasha Alsaleh were among the key speakers at the festival.

Abeer Alessa contributed her insights on the panel discussing the evolving challenges within Saudi Arabia’s creative industry.

Ziad Abou Rjeily captivated attendees with insights into the metaverse and its role in creating immersive experiences.

Meanwhile, Rasha Alsaleh’s talk centered on the evolving engagement of youth in the creative sector, underlining their needs and ambitions.

The Bold Group’s initiative has been designed to inspire and engage creative professionals and industry stakeholders, urging them to discover and utilize AI in advertising.

It underscores the company’s effort to foster collaboration, partnerships, and investments to propel the advancement of the advertising industry in the region.

Commenting on the initiative, Alessa said: “Our initiative is a journey to embrace AI in a way that complements and enriches our cultural fabric, perfectly aligning with the strategic vision of Saudi Arabia.”

Rjeily added: “We are on the brink of a new era where AI offers deep insights, marking our commitment to continuous learning and evolution in the creative industry.”

The participation of The Bold Group in the Athar Saudi Creative Festival shows the company’s dedication to pioneering AI technology in the advertising field and its commitment to the creative community.