Meta reveals tools to create and edit videos with AI

Meta has introduced its new AI tools that will help users create videos posts across its platforms with prompts and images.

The social media company revealed the two new tools, Emu Video and Emu Edit that could be used on Instagram and Facebook, on its blog.

The first tool, EMU video, will help users create four-second long videos. These videos would be created with the help of prompts from captions, text and images.

Combined with a description, the tool would be then able to create the video ready for users to upload.

The second feature, the Emu Edit will allow users to edit and change aspects of videos with just prompts.

It can carry out edits such as removing and adding a background, changing colors and shapes.

Meta also highlighted the potential use cases of the feature in their blog.

They include creating animated stickers or GIFS on the spot to share on group chats, without “having to search for the perfect media for the reply”.

It even extends to editing photos and images with no technical skills or “adding some extra oomph” to  Instagram posts by animating static photos. Or generating something entirely new.

Meta is one of many platforms that are revealed AI-generated tools in expectations of boosting content creation across their platforms.

Recently, YouTube also announced a content-generating AI feature for music.

The video platform’s music tools will allow users to use the AI-generated voices of nine famous singers to use in the platform’s short videos offering, YouTube Shorts.