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The Annual 2020: Top 10 YouTube videos

1 Channel: Anasala Family

Title: Biggest gender reveal ever.

About: A couple hosted the ‘biggest gender reveal ever’ at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

2 Channel: Mohamed Ramadan

Title: A fight between Radwan El Prince and his brothers.

About: A scene from popular Egyptian drama series El Prince, showing a family conflict.

3 Channel: MBC The Voice Kids

Title: Most influential moment in the history of the show: two brothers meet while judges cry and the audience applauds.

About: An Iraqi contestant in MBC The Voice Kids meets his brother after five years, while performing.

4 Channel: Assomi & Waleed

Title: Unbelievable vibes at Waleed’s engagement party.

About: Waleed, a popular star on kids’ channel ‘Toyor Al Janah’, was filmed during his engagement party by his friend, who’s also a creator.

5 Channel: AlMirbad

Title: Covid-19 enters the house of Mohamed and his uncle.

About: A funny sketch that highlights the importance of social distancing and restrictions to avoid the virus.

6 Channel: AbuFlah

Title: We’ll build a mosque on the occasion of reaching 5 million subscribers. 

About: A popular gaming creator on YouTube recorded a video celebrating his reach reaching 5 million subs on the channel.

7 Channel: Sasuki Aliraqi

Title: A new secretive place and tricks in PUBG Mobile. The new mobile update.

About: New places to discover in PUBG Mobile’s recent update.

8 Channel: Different and diverse ideas

Title: Easy and fast amazing recipes without an oven.

About: An easy recipe for a dessert that can be prepared without an oven.

9 Channel: Iraqi Comedy Channel

Title: My brother Marwan sleeps in the school.

About: A sketch that narrates the story of a kid who always plays PUBG and falls asleep in the classroom.

10 Channel: Atro

Title: Locked a YouTuber inside a room – PUBG Mobile

About: A recorded video from a PUBG game with a group of gaming creators.