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The Ad Tech trends and 2023 incentive schemes – by HUAWEI Ads’ Kashmala Khan

Over the recent years, there have been a massive boost towards the Adtech journey in the MENA region. In 2021, total advertising expenditure in the region equalled $5.07 billion. For a long time, advertisers have been dependent on consumer preferences and habits to invent creative ways to showcase brands. Hence, now more than ever, it is essential for brands to stay ahead and evolve with the dynamics and core pillars of advertising starting with Precision Targeting, to Lookalike Modeling, Private Audiences and Insight Analysis. 

Approaching programmatic ads and first-party data in a cookie-less era

Gathering first-party data has become a priority to deliver an enhanced experience to customers through first-party data collections, it is essential for brands to research effective ways to collect, classify, and activate data through a compelling value proposition. The bidding process is optimised in programmatic advertising, and the best users are only paid for. Programmatic ads enables marketers to target audiences at the right time and at the right cost by utilising data insights and algorithmic technology.

The enormous user base of Huawei devices and apps is a key selling point, along with Huawei’s Open Advertiser Identifier (OAID), a non-permanent device identifier that can be used to provide users with personalised advertisements while protecting their personal information. It’s also important to note how affordable and cost-effective HUAWEI Ads is, with no fee charged for using the service currently. While the large installed base of Huawei devices and apps is already a compelling proposition, its reach will only grow over time. Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy envisions bringing the HUAWEI Ads offering to the company’s portfolio of smart TVs, tablets, PCs, and Internet of Things devices.

The biggest tip for HUAWEI Ads users

HUAWEI Ads is a cutting-edge mobile marketing platform that optimises advertisements to reach over a young, tech-savvy population.

Huawei guarantees access to a young and expanding audience, making it an appealing proposition for agencies and brands. Advertisers can use app behavior users’ interest to extract insights from a full lifecycle of data across different applications to examine user behaviors with consumers’ consent. This is where Huawei’s Data Management Platform (DMP) comes in to help advertisers continuously improve their ad delivery and targeting while ensuring that the right user sees their ads. HUAWEI Ads provides the OAID and GAID to deliver personalised ads for users while protecting their privacy. OAID is a non-permanent device identifier provided by HUAWEI Ads Kit.

Latest features for an enhanced experience

Brands can utilise HUAWEI Ads to design creative and seamless campaigns which deploy several digital solutions. These features were introduced into the platform to enable publishers, brands, agencies and tech platforms to benefit from multiple innovative digital advertising solutions. HUAWEI Ads solution offers a variety of benefits that give exclusive marketing advantages such as: integrating online and offline resources, launching online campaigns with e-commerce capabilities. HUAWEI Ads’ also provides e-commerce solutions to the massive user base, such as e-commerce audience precise targeting, dynamic shopping ads, oCPC bidding as well as retargeting to achieve more business success.

HUAWEI Ads offers interactive ad channels based on the attributes and segmentation of the target audience, from which marketers can take the path of unlimited impressions, clicks, and engagements. Some of the channels available include AppGallery, Programmatic Display, and Search Network, each with sub-categories that can help define success.

As an example, on the platform’s capabilities, HUAWEI Ads has supported ChicPoint to launch campaigns across the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait) utilising a suite of promotional features on AppGallery, including feature cards, top banner cards and rankings. It also promoted them offline in Huawei stores to assist advertisers in improving the spread of offers. ChicPoint has increased organic downloads by 40%, increasing monthly revenue by 40%, and lowering app activation costs to less than US$1.

Incentive schemes to be introduced in 2023

Moving ahead to 2023, Huawei Ads’ “Partner Shining Program 2023” will introduce a bundle of beneficial schemes for marketers:

  • Publisher Partner Program:

HUAWEI Ads splits revenue with third-party media based on traffic volumes; with “Partner Shining Program 2023,” publishers will receive an additional 10% of the revenue share model.

  • Agency Partner Program:

Huawei Ads encourages their partners to work with the Huawei team by providing sales and operational support to ensure profitability. The program’s goal is to help clients meet their KPIs, optimise their campaigns, and work on their partnerships by offering strong operational support.

Ensuring Campaign success

  • Media solution partner:

With the exclusive Huawei inventory and global display network which is not available on any other platform, advertisers will be able to engage with the HMS exclusive users and Huawei ads massive audience when selecting your Media Strategy.

  • Campaign partner:

HUAWEI Ads will ensure your campaign success by proposing sufficient solutions including our online and offline resources. The campaign accommodates clients in the full funnel – from creation to execution and post delivery analysis.

Collaborative Business Plan with Advertisers

HW Ads will compare performance under different conditions, the right offer tends to bring high engagement rate and leads to campaign success.

For more information about HUAWEI Ads, please reach out to [email protected]. You may also visit the platform’s dedicated website here.