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TBWA and KFC boldly go where no chicken has gone before

TBWA and KFC boldly go where no chicken has gone before, to space.

TBWA/RAAD carried out a small activation on social media for KFC Arabia when NASA released the photos taken by the James Webb telescope on.

The idea behind their activation, ‘200 billion galaxies. 1 original recipe’, stemmed from images’ remarkable resemblance to a chicken piece. They used the opportunity to highlight their most important brand message: their famous secret recipe of 11 herbs & spices, which is unique in the entire universe.

In the caption of their social media posts, they mentioned,“If you are asking the universe for a sign to order original fried chicken, this is it. A wonderful shot captured by @nasa, deliciousness added by us!


The visual was circulated in both Arabic and English language across all the brand’s social media platforms.

Client: KFC Arabia