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Snapchat introduces Snapchat for Web

The product rolls out soon to Snapchat+ subscribers in the United Arab Emirates

Snap Inc. has announced that Snapchat’s messaging service will now be available on the web, through its new product, Snapchat for Web.

The new product will enable Snapchat users to pick up conversations from where they left off on mobile on the computer. All features from messaging on the mobile app, like Chat Reactions, Chat Reply, In-Chat Presence, and lenses will be available on the desktop version. Snapchat users will also soon be able to send Snaps from their computers.

Starting with Snapchat+ subscribers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Snapchat for Web will be available soon for Snapchat+ subscribers in France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, before being rolled out for all users globally.

Snapchat users will be able to access Snapchat for Web, by heading to web.snapchat.com, and logging in with their Snapchat username and password. It will be important to ensure that one is running a recent version of the app on their phone and that they are logged in from mobile.

Snapchat for Web will require a two-step verification from the mobile app. The conversations get hidden when Snap users click away to another tab, window, or task. The product will also include additional information for Snapchat users when they first log into Snapchat for Web with information on the differences between the web and mobile experiences from a privacy perspective.

Currently, Snapchat for Web is being launched on Chrome and will work with the browser regardless of whether it is a Mac or a PC.