Stream Shreek and inStreamly partner to create gaming campaigns

Credits: Stream Shreek

Gaming communications firm Stream Shreek has announced a partnership with inStreamly, an European marketplace technology company for game streamers.

The collaboration aims to bring in a “new era of brand-to-streamer connectivity solutions”.

The partnership will see the combination of Stream Shreek’s in-house streaming marketplace with the  technology capabilities of inStreamly along with communities of Arabic-first streamers in the MENA region.

inStreamly’s technology platform will allow brands to embed their gaming campaigns with creativity and at scale across popular game streams in the MENA region.

It also features brand safety among its offerings. The platform provides trackability and a two-layered safety solution powered by AI, for brand campaigns.

According to a statement, “the brand is not seen as an intrusive force, but an organic supporter to the streamer community and is loved by game streamers, as well as their audience”.

“The recent partnership between Stream Shreek and inStreamly reaffirms our commitment to extending the reach of our revolutionary solution, said Aasim Shaik, the managing director at Stream Shreek.

“By merging the expertise and experience of inStreamly with Stream Shreek’s profound understanding of the GCC market and its extensive streamer network, we are primed to revolutionize the way brands engage with Arabic-first streamer audiences.”

“We are launching Stream Shreek, a cutting-edge platform that will help brands connect with the MENA’s ever-growing gaming audience through YouTube and Twitch streamers.

“Making use of all available resources will allow us to deliver effective solutions for brands to reach the gaming audience and unique growth opportunities for the Middle East content creators.

“Streamcoi already powers streamer marketplaces in South America, Asia, and the European one, inStreamly. I believe Stream Shreek will be another innovative platform giving opportunities to thousands of streamers for valuable sponsorships,” said Jakub Janaszek, the General Manager of Streamcoi.

This partnership aims to further Stream Shreek’s goals to provide solutions that allow brands to connect more effectively with their target audiences in the MENA region.