Spotify: Helping gaming podcasters in Saudi Arabia

Spotify is collaborating with Gamers8 and Kerning Cultures to introduce Pod Camp, an immersive six-week podcast boot camp designed for aspiring gaming podcast creators in Saudi Arabia. 

The collaboration aims to help passionate gamers and equip them with the skills to launch their podcasts.

“We’ve seen that Saudi Arabia has a thriving gaming community and we wanted to make sure gaming content creators, players and super fans got the chance to communicate their passions through storytelling and podcasts,” said Rhea Chedid, Senior Podcast Manager at Spotify MENA. 

Pod Camp offers a unique opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to bring their podcasting dreams to life and gain insights into the gaming podcast scene.

Supported by podcast production company Kerning Cultures, Pod Camp uses its expertise and local relevance to provide participants with a comprehensive program including mentorship from industry professionals and guest speakers.

“Podcasting and gaming are modern-day adaptations of the MENA regions’ age-old traditions of storytelling and community, growing exponentially every year. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with Spotify and Gamers8, a gaming and esports destination in Saudi Arabia to train aspiring game-focused podcasters through this six-week training program,” said Maher Ali, Chief of Staff at Kerning Cultures. 

The session will cover a wide range of topics, including Podcasts and Gaming, The Editorial Process, Sound Gear and Recording, Audio Editing, Sound and Publishing – Spotify for Podcasters, and more.

Participants will receive a custom crash course in podcasting, covering aspects such as show development, distribution strategies, audience growth, and more. 

Omar Batterjee, Director of Corporate Communications & Public Relations at the Saudi Esports Federation said: “Through the synergy of esports, technology and entertainment, we are committed to fostering a transformative environment aimed to inspire the gaming community and nurture the next generation of podcast creators in the Kingdom.”

A key highlight of the program will be the live podcast show during the global gaming and e-sports festival Gamers8, enabling participants to release their podcasts and gain exposure through the endorsement and support of Gamers8, Spotify, and Kerning Cultures. 

The Pod Camp participants will be selected and announced by a jury comprising representatives from Spotify, Gamers8, and Kerning Cultures on July 1, 2023.