Sony ME hosts event to empower Saudi content creators

Sony Middle East organised an event in Riyadh aimed at providing a platform for Saudi content creators to network, share insights, and enhance their skills.

The boom in content creation has transformed media consumption in Saudi Arabia, with a growing number of individuals using platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to produce and publish content.

This has led to a rise on competition, driving creators to seek innovation and improve content quality.

The convention by Sony Middle East featured workshops and discussions led by experts, focusing on fostering collaboration among influencers and exploring the core of creativity.

The event also offered hands-on experiences with mini studios set up for attendees.

Content creation has been thriving, offering new opportunities for growth and turning content creation into a viable career path. This shift has forced various industries to accommodate the expanding community of creators.

During a panel discussion titled “The Power of Collaboration,” Alan Al-Qahtani, founder of Ready Games, emphasised the importance of reinvesting early earnings back into content or branding to achieve success.

Ready Games, established in 2014, serves the micro-content creation community in entertainment and gaming.

Mohannad Kattan, founder of Kattan Media, highlighted the critical role of quality in today’s crowded influencer and content creator market, marking a shift from the past when the novelty of influencers made quality less of a priority.

Hanan Omran, Sony KSA Demand Creation Manager, expressed satisfaction in hosting the event for the first time in Saudi Arabia, aiming to contribute to the industry’s growth.

Omran also noted the significant potential of the Saudi content creation market, one of the largest in the MENA region, and Sony’s commitment to supporting talented nationals in exploring new opportunities within this burgeoning field.