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Snapchat: Antidote to social media

Social media has made a lot of people feel less connected and the stress of social comparison has led to mental health issues.

Snap has launched a new campaign to show how it’s an anti-social media platform and differentiate itself from other platforms.

It highlights how different it is with its features such as conversations deleted after and no content feed.

Snapchat states, “The promise of social media started great. It was a place where we could connect with people and share bits of our lives. A place where we could be a part of something bigger than ourselves – where we could feel supported and loved. But somewhere in the adolescence of social media, things began to feel off. Friends became people who felt more like strangers. Moments became more curated. Sharing became more contrived.”

“Snapchat is not social media. It was built as an antidote to social media. Snapchat opens to a camera, and not a feed of content, so we can share our perspective easily with those who matter most to us. You know, the people we’re friends with in real life; the ones we feel comfortable sharing our full range of emotions with — the ups and downs, the good and bad — without the pressure to post the perfect thing.” 

The platform shares how people feel pressured and exhausted on other social media platforms to have a curated picture-perfect life and compete for likes and comments.

In 2017, when Snap launched its Spectacles camera glasses it aimed to create new ways to capture experiences and stand out from other social media platforms.