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Socialize and OPPO pair up for Reno4 Series Launch

Socialize tailors 'OPPOrtunity' campaign in TikTok for the launch of OPPOS's Reno4 Series.

Resonating with our region’s young, hyper-connected and socially savvy audience isn’t easy, especially when you are introducing a brand new product series such as Reno4 to the Middle Eastern market. OPPO knew that traditional ‘advertising’ wouldn’t cut it, so teamed up with Socialize, placing people over platforms to inspire its campaign, connecting with consumers across the region via an English and Arabic interactive TikTok challenge filled with culturally relevant nuances.

Then Reno4 Series stands for: Technology, Fashion & Creativity, which can mean different things amongst cultures and subcultures across the globe. Therefore, Socialize started by defining what these mean to o

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