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Socialize and OPPO pair up for Reno4 Series Launch

Socialize tailors 'OPPOrtunity' campaign in TikTok for the launch of OPPOS's Reno4 Series.

Resonating with our region’s young, hyper-connected and socially savvy audience isn’t easy, especially when you are introducing a brand new product series such as Reno4 to the Middle Eastern market. OPPO knew that traditional ‘advertising’ wouldn’t cut it, so teamed up with Socialize, placing people over platforms to inspire its campaign, connecting with consumers across the region via an English and Arabic interactive TikTok challenge filled with culturally relevant nuances.

Then Reno4 Series stands for: Technology, Fashion & Creativity, which can mean different things amongst cultures and subcultures across the globe. Therefore, Socialize started by defining what these mean to our local audience, blending that with a granular understanding of the unique consumers and their social behaviours to create the Fame OPPOrtunity campaign.

Based off our social insight, that although we are a region made up of multiple ethnicities, cultures and languages – we may speak or look differently, but all share a need and desire to connect to those around us. In today’s world, this manifests as a compulsion to create – connections and content, to be seen and heard by those close and far from us. As a nation we are united by our creative expression and progressive attitude, which saw the campaign spring to life via a TikTok challenge, including a Socialize signature – ‘earworm’ original track, teamed with simple dance moves and a chance for an injection of individual creative expression, the campaign was launched in the region targeting UAE, KSA and Morocco users.

The campaign captured the essence of the Reno4 Series with its suite of features that help its customers create better content online helping them become famous on social media, with our TikTok challenge reflecting this aspect by partnering with influencers that will create duets on TikTok with OPPO followers helping them become more famous.

No matter who admits it (and who doesn’t) everyone on TikTok is using the platform to have fun, to connect – and to become (even just a little bit) famous. With every TikTok challenge a chance at fame (like never before), the Reno4 series felt the perfect fit to help enable consumers to reach their goals – with all the KSPs of the phones making it more possible than ever before.

“Marketing in the ever-connected 5G era, we’re committed to stand out from the crowd by engaging with people in a way that genuinely connects and moves them. The #FameOPPOrtunity TikTok Challenge achieves a delicate balance between the product KSP communication and emotional resonance with our target audience, and we’re thrilled with the response and creativity we’ve seen”, commented Mai Huang, CMO of OPPO MEA.

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Brand Title:

OPPO – Reno4 Series

Brand team:

  • Weizhi Zhang – Internet Operation Manager
  • Mia Xiaoyan – Project assistant

Creative agency: Socialize: 

  • Amr Younis – Creative Director & Music Production
  • Ailidh Smylie – Strategy Director
  • Anyce Nedir – Client Partner
  • Umar Achraf- Senior Account Manager
  • Sooraj T R – Creative Tech Head
  • Nour Mohammad – Senior Designer
  • Lubna AlSalous – Copywriter
  • Mohamed Tharwat – Copywriter
  • Mohab Issam – DOP & Editor
  • Akshaya Maria Thomas – Art Director
  • Gionne Lapuz – Web Developer
  • Lanz Linchangco – Designer
  • Omar Mohammed – Content Creator