Snapchat launches first-of-its-kind Lens Web Builder for businesses

Lens Web Builder is the industry’s first web-based AR Lens advertisement production tool

Snap Inc. has announced the launch of a breakthrough new product – Lens Web Builder. Snapchat’s Lens Web Builder makes it easy for anyone to build compelling, professional augmented reality (AR) Lenses in minutes, enabling businesses to bring their brands to life in a way that is simple, fast, and free.

As the world’s leading AR platform, Snapchat has seen a surge in AR Lens ads, which have emerged as a great way for brands to drive results and engage with Snapchatters in a meaningful way. Lens Web Builder gives businesses the ability to create affordable AR Lenses content with no 3D design experience, bypassing the need to only work with potentially expensive specialist creators or companies.

As the industry’s first web-based AR Lens ad production tool, Lens Web Builder eliminates the need for a standalone AR app. Users need no design expertise, whether in building AR or lens creation, and Lens Web Builder can be accessed from any common web browser. This allows users to create a new branded lens for Snapchat ad campaigns from scratch in mere minutes, with personalization options including 3D objects, effects, animations, 2D assets such as logos, images, and more.

Any brand keen to focus on agile marketing and looking to produce relevant content and creative can use Lens Web Builder to tap into the potential of trending topics such as holidays and more.

Creative agencies can also explore AR content, using Lens Web Builder to test branded AR concepts within the Snapchat camera.

Brayden Ainzuain, Head of Product Marketing – MENA & APAC at Snap Inc., said: “We’ve seen that AR experiences generate strong engagement amongst Snapchatters, making it all the more important for brands to actively use AR in their advertising and marketing to maximize their campaign effectiveness on Snapchat. Lens Web Builder is the result of Snap’s significant investment in increasing the overall accessibility of AR content and distribution. It offers a great way for partners to test new Lens concepts, or visualize their brands in the context of the Snapchat camera, without needing to budget for professional designers. With this new tool for advertisers, we hope to enable brands to take advantage of the growth in daily consumer AR engagement on Snapchat.”